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A simple definition of the internet is a global system of interconnected computers. Internet technology is the defining mark of the 21th century, that has caused the establishment of internet banking, internet-based education, news and media services and a wide variety of other activities. As the internet became more and more affordable and, therefore, integrated into the life of ordinary people, such problems as internet safety, internet privacy and security gained a great deal of attention and became important research fields. The internet greatly accelerated the speed of every information-based process, such as science, education, finance and communication. As the internet has no centralized governance and each network has its own policies, the internet is often referred to as a place of freedom. However, governmental restrictions on the internet are taking place in most countries but largely differ in their severity.

Altcoin Watch
Syntrophy price lifted off after the internet-focused protocol announced that it was exploring an integration with Elon Musk's Starlink project.
Syntropy (NOIA) price rallies 65% after announcing Starlink integration
Jordan Finneseth
Use Case
Interoperability is one of the hottest phrases in the blockchain lexicon, but there are fears that many of the solutions out there merely serve as a sticking pl...
What is blocking the decentralized internet?
Connor Sephton
Expert Take
Explosive growth in asset tokenization and NFTs is fueling Web 3.0 growth, and testing DeFi resolve.
How NFTs, DeFi and Web 3.0 are intertwined
Nitin Gaur
The Internet Archive’s founder Brewster Kahle has joined the boards of advisors for the Filecoin Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized We...
Filecoin Foundation donates $10M in FIL tokens to Internet Archive
Helen Partz
Naver is reportedly looking to strengthen its position in the crypto industry with a potential equity stake in South Korea’s largest crypto exchange.
South Korean internet giant Naver reportedly joins Bithumb stake race
Helen Partz
Decentralized private networks offer the benefits of VPNs, but with additional advantages that exclude a central point of control.
DPN vs. VPN: The dawn of decentralized web privacy
Evan Luthra
Expert Take
Humanity is producing a staggering volume of data, but the processing power of chips cannot keep pace — decentralization is the answer.
The role of decentralized networks in a data-abundant, hyperconnected world
Stephanie So
Quick loading times can be crucial for a company’s website — and now, a blockchain project is offering an innovative and inexpensive way of securing bandwidth.
Blockchain project takes on Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services
Connor Sephton

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