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Investing in cryptocurrency is a high-risk/high-reward activity, whether that entails day-trading in the open market, buying into institutional investment funds or investing in particular blockchain enterprises. 

In recent years, the blockchain space has attempted to disrupt venture funding and investment through a particularly powerful use case in crowdfunding. An influx of hype and amateur investment reached a peak during the 2017 to 2018 initial coin offering, or ICO, bubble in which projects raised billions of dollars in return for assets of questionable value or utility, quickly putting the industry in the sights of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and similar regulatory authorities. 

There is ongoing discourse on and experimentation in how to fund open-source protocol development that doesn’t involve the traditional route of venture capital and that better aligns the incentives of all stakeholders, from the developers to the users. 

Seeing where investment capital is going in the space can provide a gauge of market sentiment around industry trends and potential high-growth areas.

Professional investors are warming to Ethereum again as ETH-based funds see a third consecutive week of inflows.
Institutional investor sentiment about ETH improves as Merge approaches
Martin Young
J. Matthew DeLesDernier, assistant secretary for the SEC, said it had extended to allow for “sufficient time to consider the proposed rule change and the issues...
SEC extends window to decide on ARK 21Shares spot Bitcoin ETF to August
Turner Wright
The metaverse may be endless, but we are not there yet — and in today’s siloed metaverse market, digital land scarcity is very much a thing.
Believe it or not, metaverse land can be scarce after all
Adrian Krion
Expert Take
With Bitcoin’s impressive recovery characteristic, could having it and other digital assets in an investment portfolio speed up the recovery time of the entire ...
Not all investments lose value equally: A recovery period for digital assets
Daniele Bernardi
Lessons from the crypto crash: Just like in the aftermath of the dot-com bust, the crypto market now has to trim the fat.
What the dot-com bust can teach us about the crypto crash
Axel Nussbaumer
Follow up
Fairfax County continues to invest public retirement funds in the cryptocurrency space, highlighting the "short-term nature" of yield farming as an appealing po...
Fairfax County highlights the value in the 'short-term nature' of yield farming
Gareth Jenkinson
Fairfax County continues its cryptocurrency investment endeavors through VanEck crypto lending fund, exploring the world of yield farming through the asset mana...
Virginia county Fairfax commits $35M to Van Eck crypto lending fund
Gareth Jenkinson
"Derivatives provide opportunities to protect their portfolios during times of heightened market volatility," says Emerson Li, brand lead at BingX.
With the bear market in full throttle, crypto derivatives retain their popularity
Zhiyuan Sun

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