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The Isle of Man is a state and Crown dependency of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. The island is located in the Irish sea near the U.K. The island is one of the largest offshore centers in Europe and in the world due to the fact that its business sphere is very developed, as people are investing money into the all business sectors. The same is true for Bitcoin on the Isle of Man, as the island is a very favorable place for conducting cryptocurrency business. Moreover, in 2016, legislation was crafted that supports all projects related to technologies of virtual money. Besides that, Bitcoin became an official payment method as well. On the Isle of Man, blockchain is used for many purposes, such as officially directing the blockchain-based lottery, which is the first in the world to do.
Digital Isle of Man, an executive agency for the Isle of Man’s government, formed a global blockchain hub and regulatory sandbox.
Isle of Man Gov’t Executive Agency Forms Global Blockchain Office, Regulatory Sandbox
Helen Partz
The Isle of Man can become the Switzerland for Bitcoin as the small island’s government has been quick to react to the growth of digital currencies.
Cards, Dice and DAO: The Isle of Man Could Become The World's Gambling Heaven
Guest Author
Kickstarter and Indiegogo aren’t suitable for modern crowdfunding according to Ram Budime, the Business Development Manager of Gok!llo, a new bitcoin-powered cr...
Gok!llo: Kickstarter & Indiegogo ‘No Longer Suitable for Modern Crowdfunding’
Allen Scott
Cryptor Trust launches a blockchain investment company, FinCEN says it is to perform an examination of digital currency-related enterprises and more news.
MAY 7 DIGEST: Cryptor Trust Launches Blockchain Investment Company, FinCEN to Examine Crypto-related Businesses.
Daniel O. Nyairo
Council on Foreign Relations describes Bitcoin as ‘the craziest thing since the 1630s’; PayPal fined US$7.7 million for allowing transactions to countries cover...
MAR 27 DIGEST: Council on Foreign Relations Calls Bitcoin ‘Nuts’; PayPal fined $7.7 Million
Charlie Richards
Japan's largest Internet company Rakuten Inc. has started to accept Bitcoin as a payment option on its American portal, MasterCard describes cryptoc...
MAR 17 DIGEST: Japan’s Rakuten to accept Bitcoin and MasterCard report identifies cryptocurrency as a major competitor
Aaron van Wirdum
Darkleaks' black market for data, Inside Bitcoins coming to Berlin, 600 merchants in Austria started selling Bitcoin over night, BitPay partnering with Adyen, a...
Bitcoin Daily Digest: Darkleaks, Aussie Travel Agency Embraces BTC and More
Diana Ngo
Newly incorporated Isle of Man Bitcoin company Garigus Limited, announces founding shareholders paid their shares in Bitcoin, an element qualified as a key mile...
Founding Shareholders Pay Shares in Bitcoin in the Isle of Man
Diana Ngo

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