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Jason Cassidy is a financier and businessman who became involved in Bitcoin in 2012. He is widely known for his actions promoting Bitcoin adoption across Canada. Besides that, Jason Cassidy also supports blockchain-related startups and advises many already existing digital currency organizations all around the world. Jason Cassidy has taken part in many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, as he is a co-founder and president of Crypto Consultant — a Canadian Bitcoin сonsulting company — and a co-founder of Blockchain TV and Helium, which are digital currency and global payments networks. The latest project of Jason Cassidy is Emercoin Blockchain Lab where he works as the Chief Communications Officer.
Jason Calacanis, an angel investor of Robinhood and Uber, says nearly all crypto projects are run by ‘delusional’ founders or idiots.
Uber Angel Investor: ‘99% of Crypto Projects Are Garbage’
Turner Wright
The cryptocurrency ecosystem is agog with Bitcoin price so much that events happening around the underlying technology are forced to take a back seat from the e...
While Bitcoin Price Soars, Technological Advancements Continue in the Background
Iyke Aru
Blockchain-related domain names are becoming an increasingly hot commodity, mirroring the gold rush over .com names in the 1980s and 1990s.
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Domain Names Hotter Than Ever
Iyke Aru
Blockchain has expanded beyond finance, is now tackling monetization of unused assets, like bandwidth.
Blockchain Enabling Users to Benefit from Unused Assets, Excess Capacity
Iyke Aru
Blockchain can reach the erstwhile unreachable population and thus enable the highest level of disruption within the financial ecosystem.
Blockchain Inclusion Program to Spark Financial Revolution
Iyke Aru
Minimal launching costs and crowdfunding potential make startups choose the ICO model for fundraising
Despite China’s Ban, People Are Still Eager to Participate in ICOs
Iyke Aru
Several currencies followed in Dash’s footsteps by creating their own two-tier networks. Among these are PIVX, Crown, ExclusiveCoin and Helium, making masternod...
The Rise of Masternodes Might Soon be Followed by the Creation of Servicenodes
Iyke Aru
Blockchain alone doesn’t fix it - privacy can only be protected when all loopholes are closed, not with a single general technology.
Why Blockchain Alone Cannot Fix Privacy Issue
Iyke Aru

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