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John McAfee is a British-American IT-businessman and political activist, known as a founder of the software company McAfee Associates. McAfee Associates was very successful as the first commercial antivirus software developer and made a wide range of security programs for enterprises and businesses. John McAfee’s quotes and interviews are now some of the most important and controversial in cryptocurrency industry. McAfee advocated for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, lots of which were not interesting or valuable, to a point where rumors started circulating that he was selling his endorsements of new cryptocurrencies for 25 Bitcoins and 15% of tokens. Still, McAfee remains as one of the most consistent Bitcoin fans and promoters. McAfee predicts that a Bitcoin will cost $1 million by the end of 2020 and his influential professional path makes people take this statement seriously.

British-American businessman John McAfee talks about his crypto story and how he discovered BTC.
Crypto Stories: The late John McAfee tells the story of how he first found out about Bitcoin
Ezra Reguerra
"John McAfee's life was shrouded in controversy and it is only fitting that his death is shrouded in controversy as well," said Janice McAfee.
'Anything is possible' — John McAfee's former wife responds to faked death claims
Turner Wright
On October 5, 2020, the SEC alleged that McAfee and Watson promoted ICO investments on Twitter without disclosing that they were paid for them.
SEC dismisses claims against John McAfee, fines accomplice for ICO promo
Arijit Sarkar
New Year Special
For some blockchain enthusiasts and stakeholders alike, it‘s been a year packed with adventures.
The 5 weirdest crypto stories of 2021
Zhiyuan Sun
Janice McAfee, the widow of John McAfee, has questioned the “suicide narrative,” asserting that there was no mention of a suicide note when she picked up his be...
Janice McAfee can’t ‘accept the suicide story’ about John’s death
Brian Quarmby
Follow up
John McAfee’s candle may have burned out, but his legacy will live on. Tributes for the tech savant continue to flow in after his passing.
John McAfee’s suicide reports raise disbelief, spark conspiracy theories
Shiraz Jagati
The death of computer security pioneer and international fugitive John McAfee has been met with an outpouring of emotions on Crypto Twitter.
Tributes and conspiracy theories swirl in wake of John McAfee’s death
Samuel Haig
Many may remember McAfee for being unapologetically outspoken for his thoughts on government overreach and for being a unique character in the crypto space.
Remembering John McAfee: Computer programmer and crypto evangelist dead at 75
Turner Wright

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