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JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one the largest financial holdings companies in the world. It was founded in 2000 by a conglomeration of several big financial organizations and now employs Jamie Dimon as its CEO. Not only is it the largest bank in the US, it is also the second most valuable bank by market capitalization in the world. The company is headquartered in Manhattan, New York and has representatives of JPMorgan Chase Bank in over 60 countries, offering the full range of financial services.
The company has also expressed interest in using blockchain and Bitcoin technologies. In 2017, the company joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, an association that was created by companies interested in testing Ethereum blockchain technology for various projects. In the beginning of 2018, the organization published the “Bitcoin Bible” for potential investors that explains the technology on which cryptocurrency is based, revealing both its strengths and its weaknesses.

The Central Bank of Bahrain expects that its digital currency collaboration with JPMorgan and Bank ABC could extend to a CBDC.
Central Bank of Bahrain and JPMorgan to work on digital currency settlement pilot
Helen Partz
Bitcoin broke a $500-billion market capitalization in late December 2020.
Ether breaks $500-billion market cap for the first time
Helen Partz
Follow up
After bashing Bitcoin back in 2017, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon seems to have softened his stance on crypto, and so has the firm itself.
From nay to yay: JPMorgan’s path to crypto could shake up finance
Shiraz Jagati
JPMorgan and DBS’ new blockchain interbank platform is designed to complement central bank digital currency projects.
JPMorgan and DBS to launch blockchain cross-border payment platform
Helen Partz
Markets News
On-chain indicators are simply too bullish to permit a deeper price plunge, analysts argue, with Bitcoin set to remain a trillion-dollar asset.
New Bitcoin price concerns from JPMorgan at odds with ‘immense support’ at $52K
William Suberg
Event Recap
Forbes’ “2021 Blockchain 50 Symposium: Crypto Goes Corporate” event sheds light on Bitcoin’s role as an investment tool, along with the future of stablecoins.
Visa, JPMorgan and ING discuss Bitcoin, Ether and stablecoin development
Rachel Wolfson
ConsenSys is using the funds to expand its enterprise blockchain solutions centered around DeFi and Web 3.0.
JPMorgan, Mastercard, UBS lead $65M ConsenSys raise
Sam Bourgi
Markets News
Top funds in the U.S. expect Bitcoin to hit anywhere between $130K to half a million dollars in the long term.
Ark Invest and JPMorgan expect Bitcoin to hit $130K–$470K
Joseph Young

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