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Las Vegas is a city in Nevada located in the west part of the U.S. Las Vegas is one of the largest global entertainment and gambling centers in the world. In Las Vegas, cryptocurrency appeared in 2014, as two large hotels began accepting Bitcoin as a payment. Nevertheless, it hasn’t yet spread to the casinos. Besides that, in 2015, the city — for the first time — became a place for the Las Vegas Bitcoin conference, which has been organized there every year since then. In 2016, the first Las Vegas Bitcoin ATM was set. Bitcoin in Las Vegas has been met with a good attitude, as its anonymity and universality relative to various fiat currencies is very convenient for casino players — both locals and international tourists. Recently, the first strip club which accepts BTC for their services has been opened.
Guests at the Crazy Horse 3 will soon be able to tip their favorite dancers using BTC.
Payments in a flash: Strip club in Las Vegas now accepts Lightning
Martin Young
Some Las Vegas casinos have only been allowed to return to full capacity this week.
Crypto on the casino floor? Las Vegas resort partners with Gemini
Turner Wright
Debuting in June, the new UFC fan token will have a maximum supply of 20 million.
UFC to launch MMA fan token on Chiliz blockchain
Helen Partz
‘Don’t trust us; trust the code’: The company aims to overcome the obstacles plaguing the gambling industry, even in the decentralized world.
Blockchain Startup to Bring a Casino Platform You Don’t Need to Trust
Kata Karath
Sony and IBM have partnered up to develop a new educational platform that employs Blockchain technology in securing and sharing student records.
Sony Partners With IBM to Use Blockchain in Student Data Management
Joshua Althauser
The new decompiler lets the developers revert difficult to understand EVM bytecode back to its original state and can be scanned to check for susceptibility to ...
Trust But Verify: First Ethereum Decompiler Launched With JP Morgan Project
Joshua Althauser
A new Las Vegas club will accept Bitcoin, record membership on the Blockchain and issue its own tradeable digital token.
Las Vegas Club to Accept Bitcoin, Record Memberships on Blockchain
William Suberg
Participants at various Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences have been receiving fraudulent Bitcoin hardware wallets imitating legitimate products like Trezor and...
Caution: Scammers Can Steal Your Bitcoins Right at Blockchain Conferences
Joseph Young

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