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The Republic of Latvia is a country in northeastern Europe located in the Baltic Region. Latvia has an area of 64,500 kilometers and a population of nearly two million people. Latvia has a very high human development index, stable economic growth and well-developed business conditions. The main industries in Latvia are food and wood products, textiles, pharmaceuticals and machine equipment development. The Latvian blockchain industry is one of the most promising in Europe. Developed communications and a high-level of education has made Latvia a good place for blockchain startups and communities. Some notable Latvian blockchain ICOs include HashRush, Forty Seven Bank, Globitex and Aeternum. Members of Latvian fintech and blockchain companies have established the Latvian Blockchain Association for promoting the technology in the country.
The finance ministries of the Baltic states have expressed their support to the development of Blockchain or distributed ledger technologies.
Baltic Finance Ministries Decide to Support Blockchain Technology Development
Joshua Althauser
A Latvian startup known as 120 Minutes recently introduced a Telegram-Bitcoin integration called CallCoin, which is short for Call and Bitcoin, to enable intern...
Telegram Bot Uses Bitcoin For Cheap International Calls
Joseph Young
This year’s the biggest e-commerce forum ECOM21 2015 in Latvia has allocated great attention to Bitcoin and Blockchain development in the Baltic states.
ECOM21 2015: Baltic States To Explore Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Inside E-commerce
Marco E. G. Maltese
Gas Stations in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia operated by Lukoil will now accept Bitcoin through a service called SpectroCoin, which allows them to pay with Bi...
SpectroCoin Integrates Bitcoin Payments At Lukoil Gas Stations
Jamie Redman
SPOT Kafe is the kind of bar for which Riga is famous among Erasmus students and backpackers. Its menu of shots is a page long, it has a karaoke night on Wednes...
Family-Owned Shot Bar Testing the Frontiers of Bitcoin Acceptance in Latvia
Armand Tanzarian
Bitpay Blog seems to be blocked by at least on Latvian ISP, but no one seems to know why.
Why Is Latvia Blocking the BitPay Blog?
Armand Tanzarian
AirBaltic, which is listed as “Latvia's National Airline” has quietly begun to accept Bitcoin payments.
AirBaltic 'Latvia's National Airline' Quietly Begins Accepting Bitcoin
Ian DeMartino

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