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A ledger has two different meanings regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain. The first is about distributed ledger technology (DLT) — the technology of storing information that has such features as collaborative use and synchronization of digital data via consensus algorithms, geographic distribution of equivalent shares of a distributed ledger all over the world and the absence of a central administration. It is frequently confused that DLT and blockchain are the same thing. While it’s true that every blockchain is a distributed ledger, not every distributed ledger is a blockchain. Besides that, ledger can also refer to Ledger, a company producing offline hardware Bitcoin wallets which can be connected to PC via USB port and provide a wide range of services related to cryptocurrency.
Fake Google Chrome extensions continue to steal funds from users, with a purported COVID-19 case claiming to have lost 14,000 XRP.
Fake Ledger Chrome Extensions Continue to Steal Crypto From Victims
Samuel Haig
Blockstream’s Liquid Federation welcomed 10 new members — comprising notable crypto exchanges and custody providers.
Liquid Federation Announces 10 New Members
Samuel Haig
Follow up
Leaders from different corners of the crypto industry react to the sudden prospect of a digital dollar, highlighting both promise and peril for users.
Heads of Binance​.US, Ledger, and ZCoin Speak to Impact of Digital Dollar on Industry
Kollen Post
Tech Analysis
A breakdown of seven hardware wallet devices to help choose the one that fits every need.
Bitcoin in the Palm of Your Hand — Crypto Hardware Wallets Review
Adrian Zmudzinski
Major European financial institutions have jointly launched a blockchain-based platform for the investment fund industry.
European Financial Institutions to Launch Blockchain Investment Platform
Adrian Zmudzinski
A fake extension on Google Chrome browser impersonated an application for Ledger wallet to steal crypto from users.
Ledger Wallet Warns of Fake Google Chrome Extension Stealing Crypto
Helen Partz
MoneyGram launched a real-time remittance service, but firm’s COO told Cointelegraph its blockchain partner Ripple is not involved.
MoneyGram Reveals Real-Time Remittance Tech, Based on Visa not Ripple
Adrian Zmudzinski
Ledger has published a critique of its competitors’ security chips which may have reignited a year old spat with Trezor.
Ledger Reignites Trezor Beef With 'Dishonest' Report on Crypto Wallet Hardware
Jack Martin

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