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A ledger has two different meanings regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain. The first is about distributed ledger technology (DLT) — the technology of storing information that has such features as collaborative use and synchronization of digital data via consensus algorithms, geographic distribution of equivalent shares of a distributed ledger all over the world and the absence of a central administration. It is frequently confused that DLT and blockchain are the same thing. While it’s true that every blockchain is a distributed ledger, not every distributed ledger is a blockchain. Besides that, ledger can also refer to Ledger, a company producing offline hardware Bitcoin wallets which can be connected to PC via USB port and provide a wide range of services related to cryptocurrency.
Komainu completed the final step in VARA’s licensing process nearly 10 months after securing its MVP license in November 2022.
Nomura, CoinShares, Ledger joint venture Komainu wins Dubai crypto license
Arijit Sarkar
Through the new integration, verified PayPal users in the United States will be able to buy BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC directly through Ledger Live.
Ledger announces U.S. PayPal integration, lets users buy crypto from within app
Tom Blackstone
“My Bitcoin was taken. How?” A Reddit user thought they were following best practices until two days ago when their Bitcoin wallet was completely cleaned out.
Redditor’s hacked Bitcoin is a lesson on the hidden dangers of paper wallets
Brayden Lindrea
Market Analysis
XRP’s price rallied in excess of 100% after Ripple’s victory last week, but do fundamentals support a move to $1 and beyond?
XRP price searches for a fresh bullish catalyst to trigger a move above $1
Nivesh Rustgi
Despite facing notable criticism over the Ledger seed recovery tool, the hardware crypto wallet firm expects to launch the Ledger Recover tool in Q4 2023.
Ledger releases white paper for hardware wallet seed recovery tool
Helen Partz
Like the IMF’s single-ledger proposal released a day earlier, BIS’ unified ledger uses familiar concepts, such as tokenization, without the blockchain.
BIS releases unified-ledger proposal for cross-border, tokenized asset transactions
Derek Andersen
Follow up
Ledger’s “Recover” service may be concerning, but some crypto industry participants think the feature may onboard new users while helping crypto natives.
Ledger CEO says crypto key recovery service makes self-custody easier
Rachel Wolfson
This week’s Crypto Biz explores Hotbit’s closure, Hong Kong’s licensing of crypto firms, Bitstamp’s acquisition by Ripple and Ledger’s branding crisis.
Crypto Biz: Ledger halts recovery service, Web3 in Hong Kong, and another CEX goes down
Ana Paula Pereira

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