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Libra is a global digital cryptocurrency created by the Facebook team and governed by Libra Association, independent, non-profit membership organization. The founding members of the association include Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, Booking Holdings, eBay, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Vodafone, Coinbase, Xapo, and other well-known companies. Libra blockchain is using the Move programming language and the Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus. Each Libra unit will be provided with several currencies, bank deposits, and securities, which will form the Libra Reserve. This will provide low volatility. However, the token would not be tied with any fiat currency. Users will be able to send coins with Calibra wallet, as a single app or as a built-in extension in WhatsApp and Messenger.

The Libra Association has formed a five-member steering committee to guid the network’s technical development.
Libra Association Forms Steering Committee to Guide Technical Development
Aaron Wood
Follow up
The “Shitcoin Wallet” debacle shined a light on crypto security issues. Experts weigh in on how companies are caught in the balance.
Better Safe Than Hacked? Google and Apple Flip-Flop on Crypto
Joseph Birch
Facebook’s Calibra is in search for two marketing specialists as the company continues the development of its Libra stablecoin project.
Facebook’s Calibra Looks for Two Marketing Professionals
Ana Alexandre
New Year Special
Crypto Santa has done his rounds for Christmas after checking his naughty and nice list. But which crypto players got coal this year, and which got presents?
Who Got Gifts from Crypto Santa in 2019… and Who Got Coal
Thomas Simms
New Year Special
Facebook’s Libra, Ethereum, QuadrigaCX, Tether and Bitfinex — Cointelegraph breaks down the biggest stories of 2019.
2019 in Review: Another Year of Highs and Lows for Crypto
Gareth Jenkinson
U.S. Congress drafts legislation against big tech companies acting as financial entities and securities regulations, but will Facebook back down?
What You Need To Know About Congress’s Two Proposed Crypto Laws
Rachel Wolfson
New Year Special
Amid volatility and regulatory uncertainty, some projects and individuals came out on top in 2019 while others faltered.
The Biggest Crypto Winners and Losers of 2019
Jinia Shawdagor
The basket of assets backing Facebook’s Libra stablecoin needs to change for the project to be accepted by regulators, according to Switzerland’s President.
Facebook’s Libra Has Failed in Current Form, Says Swiss President
Adrian Zmudzinski

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