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London is the capital and largest city in Great Britain. It is the third largest by population in Europe, and it is a large financial, tourist, political and cultural center. London is one of the world’s three economic centers, along with New York and Tokyo. Also, London is a global city. In terms of cryptocurrency, the city is attractive for investors and for conducting businesses, as it has supportive policies and relatively law taxes. Besides that, there are a lot of Bitcoin ATMs in London, with exchanges and trading platforms. Local banks have created a special card for operating conveniently with digital currencies. In addition, the authorities are considering the possibility of creating a special London Bitcoin.
Altcoin Watch
Ether risks bearish exposure as ETH’s price rises against falling volumes, but three crucial on-chain indicators suggest a dissenting scenario.
3 reasons why Ethereum can hit $3K in the short term despite overvaluation risks
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
Ether continues to trade lower under the shadow of Bitcoin in days leading up to its supply-crunching hard fork event.
No hard fork love for Ethereum as ETH price falls to a three-week low
Yashu Gola
Ethereum network is taking a big step toward a scalable PoS blockchain. Here is how the London and Berlin hard forks fit into the road to Ethereum 2.0.
Ethereum’s London, Berlin and Shanghai forks and their role in Serenity
Jinia Shawdagor
Altcoin Watch
The second-largest cryptocurrency sells off in line with Bitcoin as traders assess the latest U.S. inflation data.
Ethereum price dragged down below $2K as US inflation hits highest level since 1991
Yashu Gola
Market Update
No sign of a breakout as $33,000 becomes resistant overnight, and altcoins trade mostly flat as a result of BTC price weakness.
Bitcoin trader eyes US dollar for BTC price breakout cue, Ethereum clings to $2K
William Suberg
The long-awaited EIP-1559 upgrade is just 26 days away now.
Ethereum’s London upgrade deployed to final testnet ahead of Aug. 4 fork
Martin Young
Market Analysis
Ethereum held in exchange reserves reached a new low after a surge in Ether staked in Eth2 and the approach of the long-awaited London hard fork.
3 reasons why Ethereum exchange reserves are falling to new lows
Jordan Finneseth
How to crypto
Ethereum’s upcoming London hard fork could provide a perfect entry point for bullish ETH options traders.
Bullish on Ethereum’s London hard fork? Here’s an options strategy pro traders use
Marcel Pechman

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