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M-Pesa is Kenyan mobile, phone-based payment service provider for the mobile companies’ customers. M-Pesa is a money transfer service that, additionally, provides financing and micro-financing operations. The company was launched in 2007 by the two largest mobile network operators in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2013, M-Pesa in Africa became available for money transfers in Bitcoin, which are very popular among Kenyan and other African countries’ citizens due to their national currencies’ hyperinflation. Initially, M-Pesa was developed for Kenyan and other African citizens who don’t have access to ATMs or bank accounts to send or receive money, but the service has now reached Afghanistan and some European countries.
Kenya’s banks are aiming to compete with M-Pesa mobile money transfer with their own product, PesaLink. Their plan is to undercut M-Pesa on fees, but they will ...
Kenya’s Banks Unveil PesaLink to Compete with Investors’ Favourite BitPesa
William Suberg
Nigeria and Africa generally are showing a huge sign of optimism for Bitcoin trading. But there are some challenges to overcome.
In Africa, M-Pesa Success is Example in Bitcoin Adoption: BitcoinNow Founder
Olusegun Ogundeji
Larry Christopher Bates of BitLand tells CT why digital currency community needs to stop the hype, do due diligence, and stop treating crypto like a get rich qu...
Larry Bates of BitLand: Bitcoin’s Problems are Caused by Libertarian and Anarchist Rhetorics
Iyke Aru
The non-for-profit Stellar network has launched a Blockchain-backed money transfer to compete with SWIFT.
Stellar Launches SWIFT-like Blockchain-Backed Money Transfer Network
Olusegun Ogundeji
It has been revealed recently that Safaricom, a leading Kenyan mobile network operator, tried to shut down a promising Bitcoin startup. Are monopolists that muc...
Financial Monopolists Fear Losing out to Bitcoin, This Story Proves it
Joseph Young
M-Pesa operator Safaricom will not be required to grant access to bitcoin startup BitPesa amid an ongoing legal dispute. What are the consequences?
Bitpesa Has Grown Beyond Kenya And Can Still Win Lawsuit Against Safaricom
Iyke Aru
In the face of difficult challenges, the African continent is determined to make a significant impact in the cryptocurreny ecosystem, especially with Bitcoin.
Africa Poised to Storm the World as Bitcoin Spreads
Iyke Aru
Michael Bumann has been in Nairobi, Kenya for several months updating himself on the tech scene there.
Hacker in Africa Codes Bitcoin to M-Pesa Bot: 'I Had Some Spare Time'
Amanda B. Johnson

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