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Malta is an island country in southern Europe. It is one of the smallest states in terms of area and population, with 317 square kilometers of territory and 460,000 citizens. Malta is one of the richest states in terms of GDP per capita, having an innovation-driven, advanced, highly industrialized and service-based economy. Malta has no Bitcoin regulations. There are no restrictions on exchange, mining, trading and investing in Bitcoin in Malta. Also, Malta has no issued Bitcoin tax. The Maltese government sees cryptocurrency and blockchain as promising and useful technologies that should be promoted and studied. Joseph Muscat — the prime minister of Malta — announced an approved national strategy for Bitcoin and blockchain technology promotion. The Maltese government especially focuses on blockchain immutability and decentralization for information storage.

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April Fools, Celebrity Scams, & Manipulated Markets: Bad Crypto News of the Week
Joel Comm
Once the go-to place for crypto and blockchain firms, is the “blockchain island” of Malta being hollowed out?
As Malta Delays Regulatory Clarity, Fewer Firms Remain on ‘Blockchain Island’
Stephen O'Neal
Malta University used a voting Dapp built by students to conduct elections in spite of the coronavirus lockdown.
University Students Harness Blockchain for Elections Amid Lockdown
Samuel Haig
Malta’s financial watchdog issued a public warning on two crypto exchanges that claim to have license to operate.
Malta Denies Two Crypto Exchanges Have License to Operate
Felipe Erazo
What is it like to be the CEO of a crypto exchange? Check out our latest documentary to find out!
Inside BeQuant: 3 Days With a Crypto Exchange CEO
Jackson Dumont
Will Malta continue to be a “blockchain island” or has it lost its way to the top of the ledger?
New Malta Government Says It Still Wants to Run a ‘Blockchain Island’
Stephen O'Neal
Malta is keen to preserve its reputation as a blockchain hub after clarifying that leading crypto exchange Binance is not regulated by the island country
Malta Regulator Clarifies Legal Status of Binance
Samuel Haig
The Malta Financial Services Authority has industry released feedback on the definition of security tokens and the challenges such assets face in Maltese market...
Malta’s Financial Watchdog Releases Industry Feedback on Security Tokens
Ana Alexandre

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