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Malta is an island country in southern Europe. It is one of the smallest states in terms of area and population, with 317 square kilometers of territory and 460,000 citizens. Malta is one of the richest states in terms of GDP per capita, having an innovation-driven, advanced, highly industrialized and service-based economy. Malta has no Bitcoin regulations. There are no restrictions on exchange, mining, trading and investing in Bitcoin in Malta. Also, Malta has no issued Bitcoin tax. The Maltese government sees cryptocurrency and blockchain as promising and useful technologies that should be promoted and studied. Joseph Muscat — the prime minister of Malta — announced an approved national strategy for Bitcoin and blockchain technology promotion. The Maltese government especially focuses on blockchain immutability and decentralization for information storage.

Blockchain is becoming a hot topic, but is it being effectively implemented around the world?
The State of Blockchain: Experts Weigh in on Adoption Around the World
Joseph Birch
Binance is not allowed to operate crypto in Malta because it does not hold a license from the Malta Financial Services Authority, the regulator says.
Binance Is Not Authorized to Operate in Malta, Financial Regulator Says
Helen Partz
Malta-based crypto exchange Tokenomica jumps on board the OTC trading ship, offering large traders another crypto harbor.
Crypto Exchange Tokenomica Now Offers OTC Crypto-to-Euro Trading
Benjamin Pirus
Follow up
RBI’s legal counsel claims crypto can adversely affect India’s financial stability.
Verdict in India Imminent, RBI Cites Warren Buffet Skepticism as Reason to Ban Crypto
Shiraz Jagati
Malta-based sports blockchain venture Chiliz is launching a cryptocurrency exchange for sports and entertainment tokens.
Chiliz Launches Crypto Exchange for Trading Sports Fan Tokens
Ana Alexandre
Follow up
As India’s Supreme Court inches closer to giving its final verdict on RBI’s crypto ban, experts believe the judgment will favor crypto.
Crypto Fights for Freedom in India’s Supreme Court, Critics Cite Risk
Shiraz Jagati
Local News
Binance looks to expand in the country, a new working group assesses security token offerings, and more headlined news in Japan this past week.
Crypto News From Japan: Jan. 13-17 in Review
Benjamin Pirus
New Year Special
From Switzerland and Malta to North Korea and Iran: Overview of experimental crypto regulations around the globe.
2019 to 2020: Insiders, Outsiders and Experimenters in Crypto Regulation, Part 3
Zachary Kelman

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