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Market capitalization is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. Market capitalization can be found with the number of all issued shares multiplied by their market cost. In terms of Bitcoin, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency has its own special features compared with the traditional market capitalization definition. Market capitalization of Bitcoin is the total value of all virtual issued money. A rising market cap is an important indicator for future investors because it means that the crypto industry is being developed and that digital money is becoming more and more popular for making transactions. Currently, the largest number belongs to the market capitalization of Bitcoin, as it is the first digital currency to appear and has the most developed infrastructure.

Altcoin Watch
The upside move in the Shiba Inu instruments also comes in the wake of broader price rebound across leading crypto assets, including Bitcoin.
Shiba Inu gains over 30% in just 2 days as Kraken announces SHIB listing
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
Conflicted technical setups emerge in the wake of Shiba Inu’s latest price decline, with price targets sitting as high as $0.0001.
Shiba Inu slump continues: Data shows retail interest waning as SHIB down 60% in 4 weeks
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
The bullish outlook appears as ETH’s price decline stalls near its old cup-and-handle resistance level, now acting as support and thus raising the potential of ...
Ethereum ‘huge Cup & Handle pattern’ reaffirms $6.5K ETH price target
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The market cap of AVAX touched $30.32 billion for the first time in its history.
Avalanche pushes Dogecoin out of the top 10 after AVAX price soars 100% in November
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The "Big Four" accountant announced that it would leverage Avalanche's blockchain for a new project.
Avalanche soars to new highs after Deloitte adoption — But risks emerge for AVAX price
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The classic bearish setup projects Litecoin’s price potentially falling to $200 in the coming sessions.
Litecoin grapples with ‘double top’ risks after LTC price rallies 37% in November
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The supersonic price rally in the StarLink crypto market appeared as SpaceX launched 53 Starlink orbit satellites into space on Saturday.
‘Musk effect’ sees crypto named after SpaceX’s Starlink satellites gain over 140% in 3 days
Yashu Gola
The price rise over the weekend put Bitcoin’s market cap within $600 billion of Amazon.
Bitcoin flippens Tesla and Facebook — Will Amazon be next?
Turner Wright

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