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Market capitalization is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. Market capitalization can be found with the number of all issued shares multiplied by their market cost. In terms of Bitcoin, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency has its own special features compared with the traditional market capitalization definition. Market capitalization of Bitcoin is the total value of all virtual issued money. A rising market cap is an important indicator for future investors because it means that the crypto industry is being developed and that digital money is becoming more and more popular for making transactions. Currently, the largest number belongs to the market capitalization of Bitcoin, as it is the first digital currency to appear and has the most developed infrastructure.
“Only by widening the playing field and facilitating more participation will crypto reach and maintain a market cap of $2 trillion and beyond.”
More institutions will warm up to crypto once market cap hits $2T: eToro
Turner Wright
New research from Glassnode indicates the top 1% of Chainlink holders control nearly 81% of the token’s supply.
More than 80% of LINK is controlled by 125 wallets
Cyrus McNally
Markets News
Getting to 10% of gold's market cap would mean that each bitcoin costs $154,000, says CryptoQuant.
Bitcoin has actually only taken 2% of gold market cap, new data suggests
William Suberg
Stellar Lumens saw major price action after the Stellar Development Foundation signed an agreement with the Ukrainian government.
XLM re-enters top-10 coins by market cap after surging nearly 30%
Helen Partz
Ethereum’s recent gains saw it join Bitcoin on an exclusive list among the world’s biggest movers and shakers.
Ethereum bursts into list of top 100 assets in the world by market cap
Cyrus McNally
Market Update
Bitcoin price is showing no signs of slowing down during weekend trading with $30,000 in sight.
Bitcoin price blasts past $27K — BTC market cap now over half a trillion dollars
Allen Scott
Market Analysis
Bitcoin exceeds the market cap of Visa at $460 billion as the price reaches a new all-time high of $25,000.
Bitcoin hits $25,000 all-time high milestone, surpassing Visa's market cap
Joseph Young
New Year Special
When it comes to billion-dollar crypto projects, DeFi certainly took the lead this year.
5 crypto unicorns that charged onto the blockchain scene in 2020
Turner Wright

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