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Market capitalization is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. Market capitalization can be found with the number of all issued shares multiplied by their market cost. In terms of Bitcoin, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency has its own special features compared with the traditional market capitalization definition. Market capitalization of Bitcoin is the total value of all virtual issued money. A rising market cap is an important indicator for future investors because it means that the crypto industry is being developed and that digital money is becoming more and more popular for making transactions. Currently, the largest number belongs to the market capitalization of Bitcoin, as it is the first digital currency to appear and has the most developed infrastructure.

Market Analysis
A confluence of at least three different bearish indicators appears on Ethereum's multi-timeframe charts, suggesting that its ongoing bull run risks exhaustion....
Ethereum risks drop below $3.2K as ETH price faces heavy resistance
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
SHIB is notably mirroring its mentor Dogecoin's price moves from the Feb.–April 2021 session, raising possibilities of dump ahead.
'Much ow' ahead? Dogecoin chart fractal puts Shiba Inu's 390% QTD rally in danger
Yashu Gola
Abracadabra.Money enables users to provide collateral via interest-bearing tokens and borrow the Magic Internet Money stablecoin against their holdings.
Magic Internet Money races past $1B, sets sights on MakerDao
Brian Quarmby
Market Analysis
The eerie deja vu scenario can see Ether hit $13,000 within six months if history repeats.
Ethereum fractal from 2017 that resulted in 7,000% gains for ETH appears again in 2021
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
Three bullish indicators converge as Ethereum’s native token, Ether, climbs over 9% on Oct. 1 to cross $3,000, a psychological resistance level.
3 factors that can send Ethereum price to 100% gains in Q4
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
The flagship cryptocurrency has closed October in profit seven out of nine times since 2013, raising hopes that it will be able to log a fractal bull run in the...
Bitcoin history repeating? 3 indicators suggest October will reignite the BTC bull market
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The Ethereum block producers accumulated $6.1 billion worth of ETH tokens after the Aug. 5 network upgrade.
Ethereum miners are hoarding a record $70B in ETH following EIP-1559 activation
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
Ether prices recovered on Sunday amid a market-wide upside correction while receiving an additional upside boost from a bullish JPMorgan Chase report.
Ethereum price gets back to $3K as institutional investors pile into ETH futures
Yashu Gola

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