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Crypto markets provide a bird’s-eye view of a burgeoning crypto economy including Bitcoin (BTC) and a host of other crypto networks. The cryptocurrency market is radically different from the traditional global financial and commodities markets. Not only is the structure of these underlying assets fundamentally different, as they are natively digital and noncustodial in many cases, but the market participants are different as well. 

Cryptocurrency networks such as Bitcoin feature a unique composition of stakeholders. There are the miners, which provide security and uptime to the network while earning cryptocurrency for their efforts; traders and investors navigating the ebbs and flows of the market for maximum profits; developers, who are the open-source builders working toward scaling and improving these protocols; and individual users, who may speculate or use their crypto to some productive capacity. 

The dynamics among these stakeholders in these decentralized, open, permissionless systems are in striking contrast to traditional finance and are main topics of discourse in the space. 

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Altcoin Watch
SHIB keeps hitting new all-time highs, but what's really behind the altcoin's moon mission?
Shiba Inu fetches a new ATH — 3 reasons why SHIB keeps jumping higher
Jordan Finneseth
Markets News
Bitcoin faces trying times, but the outcome of this week's BTC price action could be bullish or "exhaustingly" sideways, says Peter Brandt.
Don’t get bearish on Bitcoin just yet, says veteran trader who called 2018 crash
William Suberg
Markets News
Even opportunities to “buy the dip” match up — almost to the day — with Q4 2017.
Bitcoin price dip matches October 2017 with BTC ‘explosion’ still forecast before 2022
William Suberg
Altcoin Watch
In comparison, Dogecoin’s October gains so far have come out to be a little over 8%.
Shiba Inu could surpass Dogecoin after a 700% SHIB price rally in October
Yashu Gola
Breaking news
Ethereum slips below $4,000 as an anticipated correction suddenly takes hold of crypto markets.
Bitcoin drops $1K in five minutes in fresh dip below $60K
William Suberg
Altcoin Watch
Derivatives data shows institutional demand remains strong for SOL, and on-chain data points to a rally to $250.
Expanding ecosystem and $1.86B futures open interest back Solana’s $250 target
Marcel Pechman
Altcoin Watch
The VORTECS™ Score for IQ surged to a record high shortly before Everipedia announced that token stakers would receive special NFTs.
Everipedia VORTECS™ Score hits record high ahead of upcoming NFT drop to IQ stakers
Jordan Finneseth
Markets News
Helium announces a new partnership with Dish Network, which will further extend its 5G network in exchange for HNT rewards.
Helium partners with Dish Network to expand its crypto-based distributed 5G platform
Jordan Finneseth

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