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Micropayments — or microtransactions — are a popular business structure for spreading posted content and providing access to it for a small amount of money. In 2015, the profit of websites from advertisements fell dramatically, so from then now, implementing a system of micropayments has been being considered, so that users will pay pennies for looking at every webpage. For that purpose, micropayments in Bitcoin could be perfect to due the cryptocurrency being in online storage, low operational costs for providing online payments, etc. For micropayments, blockchain could work as a large, decentralized audit book in which every transaction would be recorded carefully so that the user can keep track of all viewed pages, the duration of viewing and the amount of micropayments for the content.
Crypto remittances are a lifeline for many people who need to send money to their loved ones, as they provide faster, cheaper and more transparent transactions ...
Crypto remittances offer cheaper alternative, but still face challenges to adoption
Francisco Rodrigues
Market Analysis
The Lightning Network is growing, but liquidity issues and a need for greater user awareness continue to hinder mainstream adoption.
Bitcoin Lightning Network is growing, but 3 major challenges remain
Marcel Pechman
Follow up
“Imagine if Best Buy, Bank of America, Fox News and an NFL team were all owned by the same individual. All of them will have lightning capabilities in the futur...
Bitcoin adoption in Mexico boosted by Lightning partnership with retail giant
Joe Hall
Glassnode data demonstrates that the Lightning Network outcompetes traditional payment networks in terms of commission costs.
Bitcoin Lightning Network is 1,000x cheaper than Visa and Mastercard: Data
Joe Hall
Cointelegraph’s Elisha Owusu Akyaw shares how cryptocurrency is changing the financial landscape in Africa — and the opportunities and challenges that come with...
Africa: The next hub for Bitcoin, crypto adoption and venture capital?
Jonathan DeYoung
What is Bitcoin adoption like on the ground as peer-to-peer cash in the home of Bitcoin worldwide? Cointelegraph visits El Salvador to find out!
Paying the way for Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador: Video
Joe Hall
The Central American country of Guatemala is getting inked on the path to greater Bitcoin merchant adoption.
Bitcoin adoption of Guatemalan merchants grows one BTC tattoo at a time
Joe Hall
A Bitcoiner has literally taken the Lightning Network into his own hands, installing a tiny payment chip into his hands to make NFC contactless payments.
Not medical advice: Bitcoiner implants Lightning chip to make BTC payments by hand
Joe Hall

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