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A mining pool is an association of miners that combine their computing resources to mine cryptocurrency blocks and split the reward equally, according to the contributed amount of work. Mining pools became necessary when the difficulty of proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining increased so much that it became impossible for the average miner to mine a full block. The growing difficulty led to the establishment of the first mining pools for Bitcoin. Today, Bitcoin mining pools are the most influential communities in the Bitcoin network and are the major organs that decide whether new forks should be implemented. There are also Ethereum mining pools, Litecoin mining pools and mining pools of other major cryptocurrencies that are too hard to mine alone. There are also mining multipools that switch from one cryptocurrency to another when it becomes more profitable to mine.
Markets News
BTC price is showing slight bullish momentum, leading on-chain analysts to present potentially bearish and bullish data-based scenarios.
Bitcoin analysts map out the key bull and bear cases for BTC’s price action
Kyle White
Market Analysis
A soaring hash rate, high electricity costs and BTC price hovering under $20,000 for months are complicating matters for Bitcoin miners.
Sub-$20K Bitcoin price puts BTC miner profits under pressure as hash rate soars
Kyle White
Market Analysis
Efforts to keep Bitcoin mining operations afloat may end up pushing the spot BTC price even lower.
Public Bitcoin miners’ hash rate is booming — But is it actually bearish for BTC price?
Yashu Gola
How to crypto
Crypto mobile mining can be performed on iOS and Android systems via solo or pool mining services.
How to do mobile cryptocurrency mining?
Onkar Singh
The loans will be provided to “blue-chip” Bitcoin miners who could back their bids with physical or digital assets.
Binance launches $500M lending project to support crypto miners
David Attlee
Markets News
Better luck next time? Luxor’s OTC Bitcoin mining derivatives could offer miners “a much needed tool to hedge their mining operations.”
New hashprice-based derivatives instrument gives Bitcoin miners another way to hedge
Ray Salmond
Grayscale plans to buy mining equipment at discounted prices and offer co-investment opportunities to accredited investors.
Grayscale announces new arm to invest in Bitcoin mining hardware
Ana Paula Pereira
Market Analysis
Analysts say Bitcoin miners’ worst days are probably behind them, but the network's soaring hash rate and the uptick in difficulty are weighing on profit margin...
Bitcoin miner profitability under threat as hash rate hits new all-time high
Ray Salmond

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