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Cryptocurrency mining is a way to get Bitcoins. Of course, it is possible to buy them, but Bitcoin mining creates new ones by making new parts of the blockchain. In defining cryptocurrency mining, it should be stated how it actually works. In order to mine, there must be a peer-to-peer computers network so that tasks can be performed with their combined computing power. The more computers and less centralized the system, the faster tasks will be operated. Each computer is called a host in the blockchain and the network works based on a cryptographic protocol. By recording and confirming new operations into a virtual, replicated, and distributed public database known as the blockchain, miners (those who do mining) create new parts of the chain and they receive 12.5 Bitcoins for each new part as a reward. The new block can be made just once in 10 minutes so that to synchronize all operations, assure they are mathematically accurate and be able to spread it around all users.

Twelve major mining companies in China launch a transparent info sharing platform to revolutionize the mining industry.
Crypto Mining Companies Promote Freedom of Speech in China
Ting Peng
Cointelegraph spoke to Guardicore’s Ophir Harpaz regarding the recently identified crypto mining botnet Vollgar.
Sophisticated Mining Botnet Identified After 2 Years
Samuel Haig
After two previous halvings, Bitcoin is expected to moon… or is it?
What to Expect When You’re Expecting... the Bitcoin Block Halving
Benjamin Pirus
In its 2020 survey, Acronis revealed the growing concerns of cryptojacking and ransomware among IT experts.
Survey Reveals 87% of IT Professionals Are Concerned With Cryptojacking
Felipe Erazo
While a 29% drop in Bitcoin’s hash rate might be due to the miners’ capitulation, analysts point to other factors that could have had a bigger impact.
Bitcoin Hash Rate Drop: Miners, the Halving and Coronavirus Suspected
Julia Magas
Markets News
Two halvings in April will spark a month of increasing attention to BTC until its own halving takes place, despite its lack of profitability, says Coin Metrics.
BCH, BSV Block Halvings Will Force Miners to Bitcoin (BTC) — Report
William Suberg
The Canadian firm HIVE has doubled its global mining capacity by acquiring a 30 M/W Bitcoin mining facility in Quebec.
HIVE Blockchain Acquires Bitcoin Mining Facility for $2.8M
Felipe Erazo
Riot Blockchain has included COVID-19 in 18 pages of risk factors to the business listed in its annual Form 10-K report to the SEC.
Riot Blockchain Cites COVID-19 Disruption Risks on SEC Form 10-K
Jack Martin

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