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MoneyGram International, Inc. is an American financial company that provides services for operations on the international financial markets. The company also provides international money transfer services. MoneyGram was founded in 1940 and is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. MoneyGram has an online platform for MoneyGram transfer tracking. There are MoneyGram apps available for both iOS and Android. MoneyGram fees depend on several factors, such as the country of the sender and receiver, the amount of money and the payment method. MoneyGram locations can be found via the official website. Bitcoin users frequently use MoneyGram to send or receive cash in different parts of the world, after converting Bitcoin via one of the listed cryptocurrency exchanges.
Santander has announced the upcoming launch of an international money transferring mobile app that will use Ripple’s technology.
Santander: We’ll Launch Int’l Payment App With Ripple This Spring If No One Beats Us To It
Molly Jane Zuckerman
Most of the top 20 coins on CoinMarketCap are in the green today, with the market recovering from lows earlier this week
Cryptocurrency Market In The Green, Total Market Cap Bounces Back
Molly Jane Zuckerman
Ripple announces that it will partner with to enhance the fiat payment platform’s settlement rates.
Ripple Announces Partnership With MoneyGram To Speed Fiat Settlements
William Suberg
New Technologies From Cryptography to AI Rapidly Transforming Financial Services: IMF
New Technologies From Cryptography to AI Rapidly Transforming Financial Services: IMF
Jacob J
Western Union doesn’t need Bitcoin in its current infantile state. Conversely, if and when Bitcoin reaches adulthood the world would no longer need Western Unio...
Why Doesn’t Western Union or Moneygram Use Bitcoin?
Luis Buenaventura
In an interview with Cointelegraph, Alex Holmes, Moneygram CEO, cited importance of KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations and user verification.
Moneygram CEO: “The More We Know About You, The Easier It Is to Send Money”
Joseph Young
Cointelegraph discusses the present and the future of international money transfer market with Peter Ohser from MoneyGram at Europe Money 20/20 that took place ...
MoneyGram: It Is All About The Trust
Alicia Naumoff
Increasing awareness of the Bitcoin remittance market has put mounting pressure on extant fiat-based money transmitters to adapt their business models. Western ...
MoneyGram: ‘Bitcoin Really is Not Being Used for Remittance’
Diana Ngo

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