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Multisignature is a scheme performed to protect an account from being compromised by a malicious user by allowing a group of trusted parties to sign a single document, mostly by producing a joint signature. Multisignatures are widely used in the cryptocurrency and fintech industries. Multisignature wallets are more protected from attacks than regular ones, due to the necessity of collecting the private data of several entities in order to hack them. Multisignature in Bitcoin, however, is technically not a multisignature, but just a protection with a number of additional distinct users’ signatures. There are a lot of multisignature Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets produced by third parties to provide supplementary protection for cryptocurrency users. Multisignature is often performed for corporate purposes to ensure a transaction is approved by management before initializing it.
Bitcoin security platform BitGo has released new corporate information showing transactions of over US$1 billion in bitcoin for the most recent quarter.
BitGo Posts $1 Billion in Bitcoin Transactions in Single Quarter
Evander Smart
Cointelegraph spoke with E-coin founders Pavel Matveev and Dmitry Lazarichev about competition in the bitcoin debit card market, the importance of multi-sig sec...
E-Coin Founders Talk Bitcoin Debit Cards and 50% Monthly User Growth
Connie Kearney
Following the July 10 DDOS and CC attacks at OKCoin, the topic of socialized losses and the negative impact they have on trader’s accounts has come to light aga...
Huobi Talks About Lessons Learned from Socialized Losses
George Samman
This article will cover the necessary steps that need to be considered when creating and maintaining a bitcoin wallet.
10 Steps to a Better Bitcoin Wallet
Evander Smart
Ninki Wallet is the first PGP Bitcoin wallet that allows users to create a payment network, send and receive invoices, and send and receive Bitcoin without havi... Adds ‘Popular’ Ninki Wallet that Features Networking and Invoicing
Jamie Redman
Mike Hearn says internal politics restrain Google from adopting bitcoin, TAR Airlines becomes Latin America's first airline to accept BTC and more news
JUN 3 DIGEST: KnCMiner Unveils New 16 NM Chip, Lawsky to Discuss Bitcoin Regulation in Washington DC
Diana Ngo
Recent innovative ideas and projects, such as micropayment channels and the lightning network, are creating trustless channels between people so they can transa...
How Trustless Off-Blockchain Transactions Could Solve the Block Size Problem (Op-Ed)
Alireza Beikverdi
Elliptic, an enterprise services company focusing on digital currency, has announced a new partnership with Bitcoin API developer Gem.
Elliptic Teams Up with Gem to ‘Decentralize’ Private Key Storage for Multisig Wallets
Diana Ngo

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