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National debt is a public debt carried by the federal government of the country. National debt is a result of the financial borrowing of the country made to cover a deficit in the budget. There are two kinds of national debt, such as internal — which means the creditors are the residents of the country — and external — which means the creditors are from other countries. The first country in the world in terms of their national debt is Japan, and the country having the largest external national debt is the U.S. The U.S. national debt can be seen on the U.S. debt clock, set in the center of New York. In terms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin — in some countries with a large national debt — was used as a way to store the value of money. Moreover, some countries use Bitcoin to pay its national debt.
National debt and central banking slowly drain people of wealth. What if, instead of national debt, we were able to use cryptocurrency to give people equity?
National Cryptoequity - Pleasant Opposite of National Debt?
Joël Valenzuela
Puerto Rico has defaulted on $800 million of its general obligation bond debt, with no plans on paying it back. Smart investors go with Bitcoin instead.
Puerto Rico Defaults on Debt: Invest in Bitcoin Instead
Joël Valenzuela
Greece debt crisis appears to have been averted, or at the least delayed. A €50 billion bailout package has been offered, if the Greek parliament agrees to impl...
How the Greece Debt Crisis Showed the World That Bitcoin Is a Store of Value
Guest Author
Puerto Rico, a commonwealth estimated to have roughly US$72 billion in debts, announced this week that the accumulated debt simply cannot be paid.
Puerto Rico’s $72 billion in Debt ‘Unpayable’ as Island Seeks Bankruptcy
Joseph Young

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