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What are NFTs? NFTs explained in brief: Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are verifiably unique representations of digital and physical goods. Each NFT generally differs in makeup, and therefore likely differs in value as well. 

In the physical world, U.S. dollars are fungible. No value is forfeited if a person trades any given paper U.S. dollar for a different paper U.S. dollar. On the other hand, something such as artwork is generally nonfungible. The “Mona Lisa” is not of equal value to “The Persistence of Memory,” as both artworks are unique, deriving value as such. 

Based on distributed ledger technology, NFT crypto assets serve as a method of authentication for buyers of unique items, proving aspects such as ownership. NFTs became much more well known in 2020 and 2021. NFTs have potential for other use cases as well, such as companies tracking their internal resources or platforms verifying subscriptions and use.

AMC dropped an NFT to its shareholders, Puppy Bowl will feature an NFT sale on Chronicle and Naomi Osaka launched her third collection.
Nifty News: AMC investors get tokens, Naomi Osaka NFTs, Guy Oseary to represent World of Women
Brian Newar
Lindsay Lohan will join several other entertainment stars and sell experiential NFTs, as well as become an advisor to the Superfandom marketplace on the Stacks ...
Lindsay Lohan offering ‘experiential NFTs’ on Superfandom
Brian Newar
“With this funding, Secret Network and its partners aim to scale privacy-first, decentralized applications to global adoption by millions of users,” said Tor Ba...
Secret Network offers $400M in funding to bring others in on the secret
Surajdeep Singh
Altcoin Watch
A growing partnership network, the ability to mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously and renewed interest in blockchain-focused IOT technology back MXC’s...
MXC’s 200% gain hints that LoRaWAN IOT mining projects could rally in 2022
Jordan Finneseth
The company said it planned to use the funds to scale its NFT technology and hinted at a series of partnerships aimed at expanding its user base.
Tom Brady's NFT platform Autograph raises $170M to scale operations
Turner Wright
Users seek out smartphones and other mobile devices as an entry point into the metaverse.
Mechanical beings come to life in the first-ever play-to-earn game designed for smartphones and integrated with Terra
Sarah Jansen
NFT tickets are on the rise as artists and fans seek lasting engagement in real life and in the Metaverse through the use of new technology.
Showtime: NFT tickets take the stage in 2022, connecting artists and fans
Rachel Wolfson
Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg, is convinced that Bitcoin’s transition to digital gold will propel it to new all-time highs in 2022.
Bitcoin’s transition to a risk-off asset will propel it to $100K in 2022, says Bloomberg analyst
Marco Castrovilli

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