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North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is an East Asian country on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea’s population is over 25 million people, 1.21 million of which are active-duty soldiers. North Korea is under the rule of its leader Kim Jong-un, who is considered to have the most human rights violations in the contemporary world. North Korean laws made its economy heavily nationalized, which even led to a refusal of a taxation system. North Korean Bitcoin policies are yet to be officially established as their nationalized economy, closed borders, anti-human mobility laws and censorship of the internet all make it extremely hard for North Koreans to have some use for Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies, as a money without central authority and high anonymity, violate North Korean laws that were not established specially for blockchain-based technologies, but previous laws crafted for other purposes.
The public advisory warned private firms to do their due diligence before hiring freelance workers, as North Koreans often use illicit tactics and stolen identi...
US agencies warn against the influx of North Koreans in IT and crypto jobs online
Prashant Jha
The crypto mixer is said to have processed $20.5 million out of the $620 million taken by North Korean Lazarus Group hackers.
Crypto mixer sanctioned by US Treasury for role in Axie Infinity hack
Derek Andersen
Joe Rogan noted that Bitcoin is like the “early internet,” and the “government is freaking out” about BTC in conversation with the MMA fighter Khalil Rountree.
‘They didn't see it coming’: Podcaster Joe Rogan sees Bitcoin as a viable form of currency
Joseph Hall
A Canadian journalist recounts the story of when he went to North Korea to participate in a crypto conference that was full of surprises.
Crypto Stories: Ethan Lou shares experience of crypto conference in North Korea
Ezra Reguerra
Two EU citizens have been indicted for violating U.S. sanctions on North Korea when they jointly planned a crypto conference there.
Two more charged with teaching North Koreans to evade US sanctions with crypto
Staff Writer
The government department hinted that the addresses were added to the list in an effort to stop North Korea from evading sanctions imposed by the United States ...
US Treasury Dept sanctions 3 Ethereum addresses allegedly linked to North Korea
Turner Wright
The cybersecurity agency believes that the threat from North Korean hackers will not go away unless crypto firms take necessary but simple steps to ensure their...
FBI and CISA issue alert over North Korean cyberattacks on crypto targets
Brian Newar
In this week’s DeFi newsletter, we look at the growing market of MetaMask, Polygon’s pledge to go carbon neutral, and more.
Finance Redefined: MetaMask institutional offering, Polygon to go carbon neutral, and more
Prashant Jha

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