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Nxt is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin paradigm. Nxt is different from  litecoin and other altcoins that have their code based on Bitcoin’s source code. It has developed its own code and boasts some extra features like a “100% proof of stake” mechanism.

In depth
Industry experts tell Cointelegraph about the latest cryptography innovations and how they will influence the future of cryptocurrencies.
The Future of Crypto: The Latest Cryptography Advances Set to Change Blockchain
Adrian Zmudzinski
Research into the top ten crypto deals in 2017 based on their return on investment has revealed that on average each returned over 136,000%.
Top 10 Crypto Deals in 2017 Returned Over 136,000% on Average, Report Shows
Marie Huillet
Ardor, a “child chain” platform developed by the Nxt core dev team, is announced amidst reports of The DAO hack.
Ardor - New Competitor to Ethereum Arises Amidst Reports of The DAO Attack
Andrew Marshall
Crypto investor Marc De Mesel speaks about how to make a successful investment in crypto and how to invest crypto in a successful startup.
Cryptocurrency Investment Tips: How To Make A Real Success
Joël Valenzuela
Decentralized exchanges have paralleled projects such as Colored Coins that allow for individual claims of ownership via the blockchain.
IndieSquare Wallet vs Others: Is it a Step Forward?
Jacob Reagan
What happened in cryptocurrency innovation this week? You asked, and The Daily Decrypt has answered. Here's a recap of the top headlines we reported on this wee...
The Weekly Decrypt: Cryptsy Insolvent?; First Trustless Physical Bitcoin Released
Amanda B. Johnson
Cointelegraph spoke with Gliss from CoinMarketCap about what it takes to be included in everyone’s favorite Cryptocurrency Index, Ethercoin trading and what wer...
CoinMarketCap: ‘About 40% of the Coins Ever Added to the Site are Now Inactive’
Brian Cohen
NXT, the finance 2.0 blockchain platform, has voted unanimously to implement CoinShuffle, a coin mixing anonymity technique to NXTcoin and other 'Monetary Syste...
What Debate? NXT Votes Unanimously to Add Coin Mixing Anonymity
Juan S. Galt

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