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Nxt is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin paradigm. Nxt is different from  litecoin and other altcoins that have their code based on Bitcoin’s source code. It has developed its own code and boasts some extra features like a “100% proof of stake” mechanism.

Drachmae Connect, a tourism business network, is using NXT technology in attempt to help ease liquidity problems and business-to-business trade in the Island of...
UPDATE: Greek Island Trials Digital Currency Solution to Boost Economy
Juan S. Galt
This past weekend, bitcoin miners lost up to US$50,000 as the Bitcoin network was affected by the generation of invalid blocks due to the appearance of two sepa...
Miners Lost Over $50,000 from the Bitcoin Hardfork Last Weekend
Guest Author
If a day trader and a gamer had a lovechild, it would be Crypto Collider, the new “e-money sport” that lets peers compete against one another to “hedge” their c...
Crypto Collider: New 'E-Money Sport' for Hedging & Trading
Amanda B. Johnson
Startup BuyAnyCoin (BAC) wants to hang a prepaid crypto card next to prepaid phone and debit cards in convenience stores.
BuyAnyCoin: A Prepaid Crypto Card at Your Local Store
Amanda B. Johnson
NXT, the 2.0 blockchain platform, has released a bundle of new features in their latest 1.5.10 release
NXT Releases Voting System and Escrowed Transactions
Juan S. Galt
One of the driving factors behind cryptocurrency is the fact that it is decentralized, meaning that no individual or group controls it. Instead, it is controlle...
The Inevitable Failure of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains and Why a New Algorithm is Needed (Op-Ed)
Guest Author
NXT Foundation became one of the three platinum sponsors of the Mind the Gap Expo. The foundation is also set to be the official cryptocurrency partner at the P...
Newly Incorporated Nonprofit NXT Foundation to Be a ‘Point of Contact’
Daniel O. Nyairo
Jay, a javascript wallet framework developed for NXT, has just released their open-source, trustless web wallet, which may be the easiest way to make NXT transa...
Jay: A Decentralized and Open-Source Web Wallet for NXT
Juan S. Galt

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