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Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction is a precarious affair despite the host of analysts and investors hoping to make a profit. Bitcoin’s value is determined second-by-second, day-by-day by a market that never sleeps. As a cryptocurrency’s value is determined by an open market, this presents unique challenges around volatility that most currencies do not face. While cryptocurrency price prediction is an ever-moving target, market literacy is essential for someone to get the most value out of their participation in the crypto economy. 

Without getting into the weeds of technical analysis, what most traders and market analysts are hoping to discern is the overall sentiment of the market, which falls into two basic categories:

  • A bull market occurs when the price action appears to steadily increase. This is also known as a “pump,” as the influx of buyers increases the prices.
  • A bear market occurs when the price action appears to steadily decrease. This is also known as a “dump,” as the mass sell-off results in the price going lower.

Price prediction and asset speculation is a high-risk venture, so stay tuned to Cointelegraph’s daily market analysis to better navigate the ebbs and flows of crypto.

Markets News
Top funds in the U.S. expect Bitcoin to hit anywhere between $130K to half a million dollars in the long term.
Ark Invest and JPMorgan expect Bitcoin to hit $130K–$470K
Joseph Young
Markets News
$60,000 may soon go the way of $20,000, Filbfilb believes, but a potential sell-off around the Coinbase IPO means April could yet spark problems for bulls.
Bitcoin ‘on brink of strong breakout,’ says analyst ahead of Coinbase IPO
William Suberg
The digital ruble will become an integral part of national settlements by 2023 or 2024, Anatoly Aksakov of the Russian State Duma predicted.
Digital ruble is ‘highest form of money,’ Russian Bitcoin critic says
Helen Partz
Markets News
With institutions demanding protection from inflation and dollar depreciation, historical trends could see BTC/USD 8X from current prices, says Bloomberg Intell...
Bitcoin can reach $400K in 2021 as 'risk-off reserve asset' — Bloomberg
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Drops in Bitcoin's hash rate coincided with some big BTC price corrections in the past.
Bitcoin network's computing power: Is it an accurate predictor of BTC price?
Marcel Pechman
Markets News
The Bitcoin bull run of 2021 has "at least some months" left to go, says PlanB amid impatience as BTC/USD hovers below recent highs.
$288K by December? Bitcoin 'will not stop at $100K,' says stock-to-flow creator
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Bitcoin deposits into exchanges have become a popular on-chain data point, but some say this metric can be misleading.
Can Bitcoin whale deposits to exchanges actually predict BTC price?
Joseph Young
A new poll found that a quarter of investors in the U.K. probably should have bet big on Bitcoin in 2020.
25% of UK investors would’ve made £1 million by going all-in on BTC in 2020: Survey
Brian Quarmby

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