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Despite the widespread belief that Bitcoin is anonymous and private, Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies’ privacy isn’t always good enough by default. Bitcoin’s balances are public, and addresses cannot offer more than pseudonymity. There are some services that can help with masking transactions, but they are not popular and easy enough to gain a large user-base and they also often have fees. Some news about Bitcoin privacy is promising: the implementation of SegWit and the use of the Lightning Network might be first steps in improving privacy. Some developers are focusing on the privacy of cryptocurrencies and developing protocols suitable for private transactions. Today, there are more and more cryptocurrencies that uses different privacy technologies but have their focus on anonymous transactions. Still, popular cryptocurrencies are trying to have the feature of public transactions as they may be used in business banking.

“With this funding, Secret Network and its partners aim to scale privacy-first, decentralized applications to global adoption by millions of users,” said Tor Ba...
Secret Network offers $400M in funding to bring others in on the secret
Surajdeep Singh
"It's been a blessing and a privilege to participate in a community with over a quarter of a million people who have joined the "Panther Corps" in the last 12 m...
Panther protocol co-founder Oliver Gale discusses bringing zero-knowledge technology to multichain
Zhiyuan Sun
Altcoin Watch
IRIS, SCRT and AKT are among the Cosmos ecosystem assets that turned bullish in anticipation of Ethereum interoperability via Evmos.
Cosmos ecosystem tokens rally after Evmos promises Ethereum interoperability
Jordan Finneseth
Market Update
ROSE price is on the rise thanks to a $160 million ecosystem fund that helped facilitate the launch of the first DeFi and NFT projects on Oasis Network.
ROSE gains 54% in a week as Oasis Network ecosystem expands
Jordan Finneseth
The move would usher a new era of user privacy as public ledgers face scrutiny over their ability to be traced by blockchain data analytics firms.
ConsenSys launches Rollups for privacy-enabled transactions on Ethereum blockchain with support of Mastercard
Zhiyuan Sun
If fully vested, it would be a $627.5 million investment into zero-knowledge technology at today’s MATIC price.
Polygon to invest up to 250M MATIC into zero-knowledge tech
Zhiyuan Sun
The addition of BTC and XMR to the SeinnaSwap decentralized exchange was endorsed by cryptocurrency entrepreneur Roger Ver.
SiennaSwap adds Bitcoin, Monero trading pairs in push for privacy-focused DeFi
Sam Bourgi
The library will aid in building complex cryptographic techniques to match the needs of the bourgeoning DeFi sector.
Coinbase launches open-source cryptography library Kryptology
Zhiyuan Sun

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