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Despite the widespread belief that Bitcoin is anonymous and private, Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies’ privacy isn’t always good enough by default. Bitcoin’s balances are public, and addresses cannot offer more than pseudonymity. There are some services that can help with masking transactions, but they are not popular and easy enough to gain a large user-base and they also often have fees. Some news about Bitcoin privacy is promising: the implementation of SegWit and the use of the Lightning Network might be first steps in improving privacy. Some developers are focusing on the privacy of cryptocurrencies and developing protocols suitable for private transactions. Today, there are more and more cryptocurrencies that uses different privacy technologies but have their focus on anonymous transactions. Still, popular cryptocurrencies are trying to have the feature of public transactions as they may be used in business banking.

Last year, the Akutars NFT collection sold out 15,000 tokens, but a major big saw $33 million worth of Ether (ETH) generated from sales locked into an inaccessi...
Many NFT projects lack adequate smart contract testing, says nameless founder
Brian Quarmby
Government disdain for end-to-end encryption is nothing new. The effort to kill Tornado Cash is just the latest chapter in this age-old war.
Tornado Cash is the latest chapter in the war against encryption
Chad Barraford
Trust Wallet CEO says the current bear market could provide an opportunity for the Web3 industry to address consumer concerns before the next bull market.
3 barriers preventing Web3 mass adoption — Trust Wallet CEO
Stephen Katte
Six individuals are challenging the Treasury Department. Two seemingly separate stories. One terrifying precedent. It’s all about privacy.
Coinbase is fighting back as the SEC closes in on Tornado Cash
Zac Colbert
Altcoin Watch
BNB price has entered a symmetrical triangle formation, and the conflicting trends will decide the fate of the altcoin as it battles near $280.
Here’s why BNB will face an important price test on Sept. 30
Marcel Pechman
The exchange cited its own token management policy and compliance efforts as primary reasons for delisting seven privacy coins.
Huobi to delist Monero and other privacy coins, citing regulatory pressures
Gareth Jenkinson
How to crypto
The Arbitrum network allows users to use Ethereum more efficiently. Learn how to access it to pay lower gas fees and execute Ethereum transactions faster.
How to add Arbitrum to MetaMask?
Emi Lacapra
What is a decentralized identity, and why does it matter? In this guide, we break it down for you.
What is decentralized identity in blockchain?
Sasha Shilina

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