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Proof-of-Stake is a consensus algorithm of public blockchains that operates depending on a validator’s stake in the network. The creator of the next block in the network is chosen by a random selection, but with taking the wealth of the user into account while choosing. Sometimes, the network also considers the age of an assets held by the potential creator. Proof-of-Stake, along with Proof-of-Work, is one of the most popular consensus algorithms for cryptocurrencies. Proof-of-Stake vs Proof-of-Work shows smaller centralization risks, more security and energy efficiency. POS is also often used in combination with POW, which allows the network to maintain some functions with one algorithm and some with the other. Famous examples of Proof-of-Stake coins are Cardano, Dash and QTUM. There are also plans of implementing proof-of-stake into the Ethereum blockchain.
“This reorg is not an indicator of a flawed fork choice, but a non-trivial segmentation of updated vs out of date client software” suggested Core Ethereum devel...
Ethereum Beacon Chain experiences 7 block reorg: What’s going on?
Brian Quarmby
How to crypto
NFTs are tokenized assets that can be staked and maintained securely on NFT staking platforms.
What is NFT staking and how to earn income from NFTs?
Christiaan Vos
“The usefulness has run its course,” the OpenEthereum team wrote regarding its popular software, “we look forward to the next phase of clean, green and massivel...
OpenEthereum support ends with the Merge fast approaching
Jesse Coghlan
Staking is complicated, but learning the truth behind these four myths will help to increase liquid staking mass adoption.
The truth behind the misconceptions holding liquid staking back
Mohak Agarwal
Implementation of liquid staking addresses worrisome price fluctuations and helps users to generate higher rewards by combining staking payouts and DApp yield.
Stake or DApp? With liquid staking, you don’t have to choose
Lurpis Wang
Market Analysis
An ascending triangle setup promises major price rebound in the Ethereum price in 2022.
Ethereum preparing a 'bear trap' ahead of the Merge — ETH price to $4K next?
Yashu Gola
Core Ethereum developer Preston Van Loon says that the network’s long-awaited transition to proof-of-stake will most likely happen this August.
Ethereum devs tip The Merge will occur in August ‘if everything goes to plan’
Tom Mitchelhill
Altcoin Watch
SOL price has been repeatedly knocked down by network outages, a shrinking total value locked on the network and futures traders’ disinterest in trading the alt...
Lost SOL? Persistent challenges continue to impact Solana price
Marcel Pechman

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