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Proof-of-work is a consensus algorithm developed to protect decentralized networks from any malicious activities. The initial concept of PoW was first described in 1993. The two steps of a proof-of-work algorithm are to solve difficult and time consuming tasks and to check the results. Despite the fact those tasks can be solved, they required a large amount of computer power. The difficulty of the tasks varies in order to control the frequency of discovery of the new blocks, which can be found approximately one block in 10 minutes because of the need to synchronize all discovered blocks among the users holding the blockchain. Due to the fact that the process is energy consuming and random, it is impossible to say for sure which Bitcoin-miner will solve the task and discover the block.

Cryptocurrency’s hash rate measures a blockchain network’s processing power to process transactions.
What is Bitcoin hash rate and why does it matter?
Onkar Singh
How to crypto
PoW Ethereum or ETHW is a forked version of the Ethereum blockchain created by a Chinese miner after the Merge of the execution and consensus layers.
What is PoW Ethereum (ETHW), and how does it work?
Jagjit Singh
Some of the evident improvements experienced by the blockchain post-Merge include a steep increase in daily block creation and a substantial decrease in average...
Ethereum Merge spikes block creation with a faster average block time
Arijit Sarkar
Bitcoin mining raises a “set of red flags for any consideration as a sustainable sector,” according to researchers.
Researchers allege Bitcoin’s climate impact closer to ‘digital crude’ than gold
Martin Young
It seems that some GPU owners have resorted to selling power to non-crypto projects following the Ethereum Merge.
The path moving forward for ex-Ethereum miners remains unclear
Judith BannermanQuist
Ethereum’s Merge became final on Sept. 15, 2022. Seven developers are here to tell you why they believe it made Ethereum more sustainable, energy-efficient and ...
7 Ethereum developers would like to sell you on the Merge
Guest Authors
Cory Klippsten, the CEO of Swan Bitcoin, shares his views on how "the competition for liquidity" between Bitcoin and Ethereum will play out after the latter's s...
Is post-Merge Ethereum PoS a threat to Bitcoin's dominance?
Marco Castrovilli
How to crypto
A fraternity-based approach to mine crypto, mining pools let miners combine their computational resources for a better chance to win rewards.
What is a cryptocurrency mining pool?
Murtuza Merchant

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