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Proof-of-work is a consensus algorithm developed to protect decentralized networks from any malicious activities. The initial concept of PoW was first described in 1993. The two steps of a proof-of-work algorithm are to solve difficult and time consuming tasks and to check the results. Despite the fact those tasks can be solved, they required a large amount of computer power. The difficulty of the tasks varies in order to control the frequency of discovery of the new blocks, which can be found approximately one block in 10 minutes because of the need to synchronize all discovered blocks among the users holding the blockchain. Due to the fact that the process is energy consuming and random, it is impossible to say for sure which Bitcoin-miner will solve the task and discover the block.

Altcoin Watch
The XTZ price rally, driven largely by Tezos' entry into the NFT space, has ended up painting a classic bearish structure.
Tezos risks correction below record high with XTZ rallying 250% since July
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The second-largest cryptocurrency reaches its best levels against Bitcoin and the dollar in more than three months.
Ethereum price breaks $3,500 and hits 3-month highs against Bitcoin
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
SOL price keeps rising as the U.S. securities regulator registered a Solana-centric fund for institutional investors and crypto market data network Pyth announc...
Solana hits record high with SOL price up over 218% in six weeks — What's behind the rally?
Yashu Gola
To ensure a sustainable future for blockchain and crypto, we need to reimagine the mining process and restructure PoW systems.
Crypto mining needs to be redefined before simply casting it away
Alexander Hobbs
Altcoin Watch
Bitcoin and Ether’s upside exhaustion, Cardano’s smart contract FOMO, and an overall boom in the altcoin market have catalyzed ADA’s gains.
Cardano defies Peter Brandt’s 90% crash warning, ADA price doubles to new high
Yashu Gola
The market for staking has accelerated rapidly recently, and a shift to PoS will ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is more resilient.
Staking will eat proof-of-work for breakfast — Here’s why
Tushar Aggarwal
General counsel to Compound Labs, Jake Chervinsky has warned that the Treasury Department wants to “capture” the DeFi sector through the crypto provisions added...
Treasury Dept. wants to ‘capture DeFi’ with infrastructure bill: Jake Chervinsky
Samuel Haig
Ether has more potential than Bitcoin as a newer cryptocurrency, and the latest EIP-1559 will help the token trade more like a fixed asset, Pantera Capital CEO ...
Eth2 will help Ether outpace Bitcoin, Pantera Capital CEO predicts
Helen Partz

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