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Purse.io is a Bitcoin platform that allows for making purchases on Amazon with cryptocurrency. The service was founded by Andrew Lee, Christopher Jeffrey, Kent Liu and Steven Bower in 2014 and the main office is currently headquartered in San Francisco. So, how does Pursue.io work? The customer chooses a thing or multiple things he/she wants to buy on Amazon and puts it in a shopping cart on Pursue.io. The user who wants to buy some Bitcoin can see the request and then can agree on paying for this purchase in fiat money. The customer, in turn, sends the Bitcoin to the user and then receives the purchase, thereby completing the transaction. After that, Purse.io generates five percent-15 percent bonuses for the customer from the cost of the purchase for every made deal.
Purse.io has launched Storefronts, an updated marketplace allowing businesses to build a brand identity just for Bitcoin.
Businesses Get Bitcoin Identity With Launch Of Purse’s Storefronts
William Suberg
Purse.io’s number one most-used cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin is Dash for the second month in a row. But despite progress made by some altcoins in real-world a...
Dash Keeps Overtaking Ethereum As Purse.io's Most Popular Altcoin As Bitcoin Dominance Strengthens
Joël Valenzuela
Purse.io CEO Andrew Lee on How Bitcoin Helps His Business.
Purse.io CEO Andrew Lee: Bitcoin is Going to Be Main Cryptocurrency
Olusegun Ogundeji
San Francisco-based platform Purse.io unleashed its Pre service, allowing customers to pre-order some of the latest tech in the world.
Purse.io Fights for Its Share in E-Commerce, Launches Pre-Order Service
Angus Leung
Hacking scandals have swept the commercial retail and digital currency sectors for the least three years, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.
Purse Temporarily Shuts Down Site to Investigate Security Breach
Evander Smart
Purse.io, a peer to peer marketplace known for its bitcoin-gift card service which lets users save money on e-commerce platforms like Amazon likewise allows use...
How to Save 25% on Gasoline When Paying with Bitcoin
Joseph Young
Goldman Sachs has joined a round of funding for Circle, Purse.io has integrated with Shapeshift.io, SilkRoad trial judge rejects retrial demand and more news.
APR 30 DIGEST: Goldman Sachs Joins US$50m Investment Round in Circle, Fidor to Open in UK
Charlie Richards
Purse.IO solves the problem of purchasing items from Amazon with Bitcoin. The marketplace helps buyers save up to 25% off Amazon acquisitions by spending bitcoi...
PurseIO Brings Bitcoins and Amazon Together, Offers 25% Discount
Bogdan Ulm

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