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Quantum computing is an emerging technology that uses phenomena occurring on an atomic level to resolve complex problems that are beyond the realm of classical computers. Forming the core of superconducting quantum processors, this technology has made it possible to deliver chipsets with increasing computing speeds. In fact, by modeling atomic behavior that can only be seen under a powerful microscope, quantum computing has made it possible to solve tasks involving multiple variables.

Quantum computing use cases can be found in everyday applications, such as electric vehicles. It is even helping organizations to solve problems such as the energy challenge facing all of humanity in the backdrop of increasing carbon emissions. Quantum computers are smaller and lighter and require far less energy than classical computing systems while being more resilient, even in adverse external environments. Transforming the way computers work, quantum computing is introducing new efficiencies in how humans live and interact in an increasingly connected world.

Quantum computing still has a long way to go before posing a threat to blockchain technology.
Why quantum computing isn’t a threat to crypto… yet
Anthony Clarke
“We wanted to test the power of quantum computing on a research case that is hard to solve using classical computing techniques,” said Maryam Haghighi.
Quantum computing firm simulates adoption of crypto payments
Turner Wright
Blockchain solutions are encouraged to fight quantum with quantum as a real threat arises.
Quantum-resistant platform solves scalability and bandwidth bottlenecks present on the blockchain
Sarah Jansen
In his latest book, ‘Platform Revolution,’ Don Tapscott explains how blockchain technology has converged with AI, machine learning and IoT.
Tech transformation: Don Tapscott’s ‘Platform Revolution’ book review
Rachel Wolfson
The latest quantum computer may not help unlock lost Bitcoin — at least, not yet.
No, a quantum computer won't instantly reward you with 69,000 Bitcoins ... yet
Turner Wright
New Bitcoin model based around quantum analysis predicts a potential BTC price drop as low as $2,000 before the next bull-run proper starts in 2022.
New Quantum Model for BTC Predicts Bottom in 2021 Before 2022 Bull Run
Jack Martin
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Expert Take
Quantum computing could potentially break much of the encryption algorithms and protocols that currently secure the internet and computational industry as they ...
Talking Digital Future: Quantum Computing and Cryptography
Jonathan Reichental

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