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Real Estate is the business of selling, buying and renting real property. The term real property is used to define a land that is owned by some individual with all the improvements integrated with it, such as houses, apartments, machinery, among other things. A person who works on the sales and marketing of real property is called a realtor or real estate broker. Commercial real estate is one of the main sectors of a capitalist economy, with a large amount of finance and influence on government decisions. It’s no wonder that real estate has many possible applications for blockchain. Blockchain may be used to make a record of the deal and reduce the possibility of fraud, and to lessen third-party involvement, such as realtors and searching websites. Smart contracts are especially useful in renting, for both the lessee and lessor to insure the transactions and its conditions.
Sanjay Raghavan believes that the tokenization of real estate could bring Web3 adoption and provide a diversification alternative for crypto natives.
Hashing It Out: Roofstock onChain vice president explains how Web3 and real estate interact
Elisha Owusu Akyaw
From real estate and digital art to government bonds, tokenizing real-world assets is no longer a thing of the future.
Token adoption grows as real-world assets move on-chain
Shiraz Jagati
Marcel Pechman explains whether real estate or Bitcoin is a better store of value and breaks down Instacart’s current valuation and why investors may want an al...
Real estate or Bitcoin: Which is more reliable?
Marcel Pechman
Markets News
The debt ceiling is unlikely to hold as the government faces increased pressure from interest rate payments, a potential catalyst for Bitcoin and cryptocurrenci...
Bitcoin investors are bullish on the US Fed’s $100B loss
Marcel Pechman
During a panel moderated by Cointelegraph editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr at the Swiss Web3 Fest, industry experts provided insights into how tokenizat...
Insurance, agriculture, real estate: How asset tokenization is reshaping the status quo
Ana Paula Pereira
Bitcoin financial services firm Ledn’s ties with the Cayman Islands open a doorway for crypto users to use their funds to obtain real estate “golden visas.“
Bitcoin-backed property investment becomes new avenue for Cayman Islands residency
Gareth Jenkinson
As tokenization promises to grow further with an estimated value of around $16 trillion by 2030, tokenization solution company Brickken aims to become a unicorn...
Shaping an emerging token economy with Brickken: AMA recap
Victoria Li
Use Case
From real estate to franchising, and from renewable energy to Hollywood, tokenization has the potential to transform the way we do business.
A new age in investing: The transformative power of asset tokenization
Chris Jones

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