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Real Estate is the business of selling, buying and renting real property. The term real property is used to define a land that is owned by some individual with all the improvements integrated with it, such as houses, apartments, machinery, among other things. A person who works on the sales and marketing of real property is called a realtor or real estate broker. Commercial real estate is one of the main sectors of a capitalist economy, with a large amount of finance and influence on government decisions. It’s no wonder that real estate has many possible applications for blockchain. Blockchain may be used to make a record of the deal and reduce the possibility of fraud, and to lessen third-party involvement, such as realtors and searching websites. Smart contracts are especially useful in renting, for both the lessee and lessor to insure the transactions and its conditions.
You can now use Dogecoin to buy luxury apartments in Portugal, with a penthouse currently on sale for around 5 million DOGE, worth roughly $2.2 million.
You can buy condos with DOGE in Portugal as crypto real estate listings soar
Brian Quarmby
A new tokenization protocol aims to tackle two key issues that exist with current market-leading platforms: Too much centralization and a lack of scalability.
‘Overwhelmingly centralized’ tokenization platforms have a new rival
Connor Sephton
Markets News
Mercado Libre’s move to accept cryptocurrency payments for real estate could usher in a new way of crypto mass adoption in South America.
Mass adoption looms as South America's second-largest company accepts crypto payments
Marcel Pechman
Deutsche Boerse invests $12 million in new holding company 360X to develop blockchain-based digital marketplaces featuring NFTs.
Deutsche Boerse and Commerzbank invest in new digital asset venture
Helen Partz
The coworking firm is the latest to see crypto as a suitable asset for its corporate treasury.
WeWork to accept crypto payments and hold them on its balance sheet
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Vesta's new platform gives homeowners the ability to convert equity into digital assets that can then be sold to accredited investors without compounding intere...
Vesta Equity and Algorand breathe new life into real estate tokenization
Sam Bourgi
Elon Musk will accumulate Bitcoin, but will he spend it? The Tesla CEO now has the chance to pay his rent in BTC following its adoption by the real-estate firm ...
Tesla’s landlord accepts crypto — Will Elon Musk pay rent in Bitcoin?
Greg Thomson
Market Analysis
Bitcoin is relatively small compared to stocks and real estate, and those holders might reinvest dividends in other assets.
Bubble or a drop in the ocean? Putting Bitcoin's $1 trillion milestone into perspective
Marcel Pechman

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