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Religion’s definition is a cultural system that constitutes traditions, behaviors, ethics and organizations that are established for maintaining a certain set of beliefs about supernatural, spiritual and transcendental entities and events. The religions of the world are a major cultural element of countries, regions and societies. Religion strongly influences the behavior of people, plus the political and economical structure of nations. Modern religions and religions of the past are both studied by psychologists, anthropologists and historians. The four largest religions of the world are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism which currently cover around 78 percent of the world’s population. However, it is often stated that the percentage of people that actually maintain all the declared practices of their respective religions is significantly less than the results given by surveys.
Former United States Senator Rick Santorum has joined the board of the Catholic community-oriented cryptocurrency project dubbed Cathio.
Former US Senator Rick Santorum Joins Catholic-Focused Cryptocurrency Project
Ana Alexandre
Money and religion often leads to corruption, but now there is the “Karma Token” to stop this.
Money the Root of All Evil? Not With Buddhist Coin
Darryn Pollock
With the Government’s demonetization drive resulting in chaos and a rush for cash, Indian are turning to God to tide over the crisis.
India’s Demonetization: Cash is Not Holy Cow, in Bitcoin Blockchain We Trust
Jacob J
Recently, a new buzzword has made its way around economic circles as the end of summer 2015 approaches. Some in the financial world call it “The 7-year cycle”.
The Shemitah - Are We Just Days Away From Global Economic Destruction? (Op-Ed)
Evander Smart
Many people are extremely wary of a one-world currency. I didn't know until recently that this fear among Christians is due to a passage in the Bible itself.
Is Bitcoin the 'Mark of the Beast'? (Op-Ed)
Amanda B. Johnson
Cointelegraph spoke with Matthew J. Martin on why Bitcoin is better for financial services companies that want to attract Muslim clients and offer “sharia-based...
Bitcoin Brings ‘100% Mathematical Certainty’ to Comply With Islamic Law
Jamie Redman
Cyber•Fund says that Bitcoin will lead to a new cybernetic economy. In a quirky new report, the fund explores how far along this new economy has come and makes ...
Cyber•Fund Report: DAOs Will Reach Mass Adoption, Disrupt Politics and Religion by 2025
What can be done with money? Spend. It can be exchanged on goods, materials and valuables. Also money can be given away.
Religious Donations in Bitcoins? – Why Not!

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