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Sir Richard Branson is an English billionaire, investor and founder of the Virgin Group capital conglomerate. Richard Branson started his first business at the age of 16, establishing Student magazine. Richard Branson’s net worth is estimated to be around $5.1 billion. Richard Branson is also the writer of eight biographical books, many of which became best-selling writings. Richard is famous for his numerous successful companies in many different fields of business, such as musical recording, airways, venture capital, spaceflight and others. Branson is also famous for his humanitarian initiatives on fighting such issues as missing children, nuclear weapons, wildlife trafficking and the death penalty. Richard is an eccentric and controversial individual holding several world records and suffering from such accusations as tax evasion and sexual assault.
The Blockchain Summit on Richard Branson's private island has attracted digital currency's top names, and even the likes of Hollywood's Lucy Liu.
Actress Lucy Liu Goes Blockchain at Branson’s Caribbean Island Conference
Charlie Richards
The Block Chain Summit kicks off at Branson’s private island, Xapo announces its advisory board, integrates Clef's 'passwordless' authentication sys...
MAY 27 DIGEST: Block Chain Summit Kicks Off on Richard Branson's Private Island, Xapo Announces Advisory Board
Diana Ngo
Virgin Mobile’s Pitch to Rich competition invites startups to compete with each other to win a share of more than £1,000,000 in prizes.
LazyPay Enters Virgin Mobile’s 'Pitch to Rich 2015' as the Only Bitcoin Startup
Joseph Young
The judge in the Silk Road trial denied a motion from Ross Ulbricht’s defense for a new trial despite federal agents’ alleged corruption, Richard Branson will o...
APRIL 28 DIGEST: Silk Road Judge Denies Retrial and Richard Branson Will Host Bitcoin Summit on Private Island
Aaron van Wirdum
Sir Richard Branson explains why he endorses the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association and supports Bitcoin in an op-ed.
Sir Richard Branson Endorses the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association
Diana Ngo
Alternative international payment provider Transferwise has received a US$25million dollar investment from Richard Branson.
After Bitpay, Branson invests against transaction fees
William Suberg
Major Bitcoin investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss announced on their blog Wednesday that they had purchased space flights on Virgin Galactic with some of the...
Winlevii + Branson = To the moon!
Anthony Wall
Sir Richard Branson announced last November that Virgin Galactic would accept Bitcoin payments for its space flights, and Business Insider is reporting that six...
Virgin Galactic already has six Bitcoin customers
Eric Barrier

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