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The Bitcoin ecosystem is getting larger due to the appearance of Bitcoin ATMs, which are becoming wider and wider spread. Robocoin is a large company producing and providing ATMs for cryptocurrency. The world’s first publicly available Robocoin machine for cryptocurrency opened in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. Robocoin received a wide response and the amount of transactions was over a million Canadian dollars during the first month of operation. Robocoin ATMs, when compared with their counterparties, have bigger machines, allow users to make two-way transactions between fiat and cryptocurrencies and take a one percent fee from every transaction made. Recently, the company has announced about possibility of making money transfers via their ATMs.
Are the BTM companies all going to shut down because the Bitcoin ATM business has become unprofitable?
BTM Maker Robocoin Shuts Down. Is the BTM Business not Profitable Anymore?
Neer Varshney
Defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is said to have ran out of money six months before it filed for bankruptcy; an Australian government inquiry has set the stage ...
AUG 4 DIGEST: Mt. Gox ‘Ran out of Funds 6 Months before Going Bust’; Australia Warms towards Bitcoin as Currency
Aaron van Wirdum
The number of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe has hit 400. Meanwhile, operators are reportedly making US$1-3K monthly of their Lamassu units, 2-way machines are o...
Bitcoin ATMs Reach 400 Units Worldwide, 2-Way Machines on the Rise
Diana Ngo
BTM developer Robocoin has unveiled its hotly rumored new direction in the form of a software development kit (SDK), which will allow any ATM to function as a B...
Robocoin Relaunches to Become ‘Android of ATMs’
William Suberg
Network issues at Robocoin, which affected its BTM network yesterday, have led to rumors of more serious problems with the company, it has emerged.
Rumors Swirling around Robocoin’s Hardware Exit, Major Restructure
William Suberg
The world of Bitcoin is coming to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, sponsored by a huge partnership between BitPay, Circle, Kraken, Bitmain, Blockchain, Bitst...
Bitcoin Companies to Showcase the World of Bitcoin at CES 2015
Carlo C
Cointelegraph has partnered with Coin ATM Radar, which regularly updates a helpful and navigable Bitcoin ATM map, to get the most comprehensive data about new B...
Newly Launched BTMs: Two New Lamassus in Montreal and a Robocoin in Bucharest
Armand Tanzarian
Today many owners of BTMs (Bitcoin Teller Machines) are wishing they had picked a manufacturer other than Robocoin. The Las Vegas-based BTM company is now attem...
Robocoin Owner Attempts to Protect His Customers From Robocoin
Amanda B. Johnson

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