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The Bitcoin ecosystem is getting larger due to the appearance of Bitcoin ATMs, which are becoming wider and wider spread. Robocoin is a large company producing and providing ATMs for cryptocurrency. The world’s first publicly available Robocoin machine for cryptocurrency opened in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. Robocoin received a wide response and the amount of transactions was over a million Canadian dollars during the first month of operation. Robocoin ATMs, when compared with their counterparties, have bigger machines, allow users to make two-way transactions between fiat and cryptocurrencies and take a one percent fee from every transaction made. Recently, the company has announced about possibility of making money transfers via their ATMs.
On Wednesday, October 15, Andrew Wilkinson was out of patience. He and his business partner had ordered a Robocoin ATM to place in a pub in Canada...
Jilted ATM Buyers Get Internet Justice; Robocoin Issues Apology & Explanation
Amanda B. Johnson
According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of Monday, October 20, there are 273 live BTMs around the world, and that number is growing daily (and at an ever-increasi...
Newly Launched BTMs: The US Gets 7 New Machines
Armand Tanzarian
RoboCoin is launching its 2.0 network which include ATMs that plan to do more than just dispense cash or Bitcoin.
RoboCoin's Next ATM Scans Your Entire Hand, But It Does A Lot More Than That
Ian DeMartino
Unlike his congressional counterparts, Colorado Democrat, Jared Polis, is not scrambling or scratching his head in an attempt to figure out how to deal with nas...
Robocoin ATM to Appear on Capitol Hill
Allen Scott
If the metaphor that best applies to the Robocoin machines is an ATM, then the appropriate metaphor for Asia Nexgen Bitcoin Exchange’s new storefront in Hong Ko...
First brick-and-mortar Bitcoin seller opens in Hong Kong
Armand Tanzarian
Robocoin has announced plans to install one of its Bitcoin machines in the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, the largest such mall in North America and one...
Bitcoin ATM slated for a spot in the North America’s largest mall
Anthony Wall
We reported just a couple of days ago that Robocoin would be launching America’s first Bitcoin ATMs in Seattle and Austin, but Bitcoin machine maker has apparen...
Lamassu beats Robocoin to US market
Eric Barrier
Robocoin is finally making its way into the US market after a successful installation of its Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, the first of its kind in the world. ...
First American Bitcoin ATMs coming to Seattle and Austin
Armand Tanzarian

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