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A Satoshi is Bitcoin’s smallest, indivisible part. In other words, a Satoshi in Bitcoin is like one cent for a dollar — with the only difference being that BTC consists not of one hundred units but of one hundred million Satoshi units. Satoshi got its name from the creator of BTC, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has changed its price dramatically over the last few years. When it went over $8,000, not everyone could afford to buy a whole Bitcoin, so that’s when Satoshi became popular. Logically, Satoshi and BTC change their price equally. On cryptocurrency exchanges, Satoshi to USD and other fiat currencies rates can be found. To count the equivalence of fiat currencies in Satoshi and vice versa, it is possible to use a special Satoshi calculator. Satoshi mining is the same process as Bitcoin mining.
Another action-packed week for crypto in Japan has passed.
Cryptocurrency news from Japan: Aug. 23 - Aug. 28 in review
Benjamin Pirus
Someone just moved Bitcoin from a wallet that has not been active for over 11 years, but Adam Back does not think it was Satoshi Nakamoto.
Adam Back Thinks Recent BTC Move Wasn't Satoshi
Benjamin Pirus
Breaking news
Fran Finney has confirmed that recent transactions from a 2009 Bitcoin wallet were not her husband's coins.
Fran Finney & Others Deny Moving Possible 'Satoshi' Bitcoin
Benjamin Pirus
The ever-entertaining John McAfee told Cointelegraph it is “easy” to figure out the identity of the pseudonymous author of the Bitcoin whitepaper.
John McAfee Is 99% Certain He Knows Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is
Samuel Haig
Local News
A summary of this week’s top news from Spain and Latin America, as covered by our Spanish language version, Cointelegraph en Español.
Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Week in Review
Liam Frost
when moon
An investor who purchased $100 of Bitcoin in September 2016 when Bitcoin was selling for $572 would be sitting on $850 with today’s $5,000 price point.
How Much $100 Investment in Bitcoin A Year Ago Worth Now?
Jon Buck
when moon
A look at Google search trends shows that the more people search the digital currency, the more its price rises, which in turn, raises the price further.
Satoshi Cycle: Interest in Bitcoin Raises Price, Which Raises Interest
Darryn Pollock
Our London Correspondent on new ICOs, Mormons seeing the light in Blockchain, Satoshi, Blockchain entrepreneur abducted by aliens and CityChain 2017.
Blockchain Mormons, ICOs, Aliens, Football: London Scene Round Up
Nick Ayton

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