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The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, is an independent agency within the United States government tasked with regulating the securities markets in a way that protects the public from fraud, maintains fair and efficient markets, and facilitates healthy capital formation in the U.S. and its jurisdictions. 

The emergence of cryptocurrencies with the advent of Bitcoin (BTC) directly challenged the hegemonic order of the legacy financial system and quickly provoked ire and distrust from various regulatory authorities. 

The SEC, however, remained largely quiet on securities law applicability to cryptocurrencies and fundraising events until July 2017 when the agency published their report on the DAO project, concluding that the sale of DAO tokens was in fact an unregistered securities offering and therefore subject to securities laws. This was published in the context of the initial coin offering, or ICO, craze of 2017 to2018. 

Since then, the SEC has slowly brought cases against various projects such as halting the launch of the highly anticipated Telegram blockchain network, TON, in October 2019, thus setting legal precedent for all current and future blockchain ventures. 

The SEC is one of the most powerful regulatory agencies in the world, as most countries often wait to see how the U.S. regulates certain industries before implementing their own legislation and regulatory frameworks. 

Anthony Scaramucci revealed that SkyBridge currently holds $700 million worth of cryptocurrency.
SkyBridge raises $100M for Algorand fund and files for crypto company ETF
Samuel Haig
Fidelity argues that Bitcoin markets have already reached maturity under the SEC’s own standards.
Fidelity lobbies SEC to approve Bitcoin ETF in private meeting
Martin Young
"High, unpredictable fees can make crypto trading really dangerous for people who aren’t rich," said Senator Warren.
Sen. Warren goes after Ethereum network fees in committee hearing
Turner Wright
The SEC has taken action against three companies owned by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui for commingling the proceeds from two unregistered securities offerings...
SEC takes action against Chinese billionaire’s companies for unregistered ICO and IPO
Brian Quarmby
"Under our laws, they have to register with the Commission unless they qualify for an exemption," said Gary Gensler.
SEC chair doubles down, tells crypto firms 'come in and talk to us'
Turner Wright
Cointelegraph's law & policy newsletter is back with a discussion of El Salvador's effects, Coinbase's woes, and the digital euro's prospects.
Law Decoded: The aftermath of El Salvador's pioneering move, Sept. 6-13
Kirill Bryanov
Follow up
The SEC’s notice to Coinbase over its Lend product might indicate incoming federal regulations aimed at crypto lending.
Regulatory and privacy concerns trail SEC’s threat to Coinbase
Osato Avan-Nomayo
The SEC alleged that some of the proceeds from the offering were used to give the founder a bonus of $1 million and a loan of $2.5 million, which he used to pur...
SEC charges Rivetz over $18M ICO, seeks the return of 'ill-gotten gains'
Brian Quarmby

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