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The Silk Road was a darknet market best known as a platform for selling illegal goods. It operated as a Tor hidden service to exclude traffic monitoring, which was convenient for criminals to deliver their services through the network. Silk Road was launched in February 2011 and already had 10,000 products for sale 70% of which were drugs by March 2013.

Although there were a lot of illegal products on the site, there were also restrictions: child pornography, stolen credit cards, assassinations, and weapons of any type were banned for sale and exchange. The site provided some legal goods as well, such as apparel, art, books, cigarettes, erotica, jewelry, and writing services.  

The Silk Road was shut down in October 2013 by the FBI, whose agents also arrested Ross William Ulbricht, the founder of the system. There were two attempts to recreate the Silk Road, but both of them have been unsuccessful. The latest news on the Silk Road promises no further attempts.

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The senior adviser to Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht had pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute narcotics in a Manhattan Federal Court.
Silk Road Marketplace Senior Adviser Pleads Guilty in US Federal Court
Jack Martin
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Did 2019 Deliver on All That Was Promised for the Crypto Industry?
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The price of Bitcoin will skyrocket up to $100,000 in the coming year, according to the founder of infamous darknet marketplace Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht.
Silk Road Darknet Marketplace Founder: BTC Will Reach $100,000 in 2020
Ana Alexandre
It’s not everyday a billionaire calls for the release of a criminal. Tim Draper’s doing it twice.
Tim Draper Calls for Ross Ulbricht’s Release: ‘We Need Entrepreneurs Like That Guy!’
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The prosecutor for the Silk Road case says that the fiat-dominated financial system is inept at tackling the very thing it purports to worry about when it comes...
Silk Road Prosecutor: 99.9% of Fiat Money Laundering Goes Unprosecuted
Marie Huillet
Danny Scott, CEO of Isle of Man-based BTC exchange CoinCorner, said that Bitcoin is no longer desirable option criminals.
Bitcoin No Longer Desirable Option for Criminals, Says CoinCorner CEO
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Authorities have arrested alleged Silk Road drug trafficker Hugh Brian Haney per an announcement from a New York district attorney.
Alleged Silk Road Drug Dealer Arrested in the United States
Adrian Zmudzinski

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