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Silver is a rare natural chemical element. Generally, silver is considered to be as precious a metal as gold. Silver is used in many spheres, such as medicine, engineering, cinematography and so on. Besides this, silver is used as an investment. Usually, silver’s value is lower than the value of gold, but it doesn’t prevent people from investing in it. Silver’s price can be seen on various charts and graphs, and this information is updated daily. In terms of cryptocurrency and silver, some users prefer to trade silver for Bitcoin and vice versa, as the price for the precious metal is not volatile. For example, some cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide storing digital assets in the form of gold or silver so Bitcoin’s price can be frozen and dependent on the price changes of precious metals.

Money’s history is extensive, yet modern currencies are primarily supported by the state’s management of the economy and inflation through fiat currency.
History of money: From fiat to crypto, explained
Alexandra Overgaag
The Galaxy Digital CEO predicts tough times ahead for the United States economy but continues to be bullish on crypto.
US credit crunch means it’s time to buy gold and Bitcoin: Novogratz
Luke Huigsloot
Market Analysis
BTC’s market cap is way smaller than gold's, but the percentage of Bitcoin held by institutional investors suggests that the current pricing reflects an excelle...
Sub-$22K Bitcoin looks juicy when compared to gold’s market capitalization
Marcel Pechman
Metalla Royalty & Streaming CEO Brett Heath has warned that crypto will “lead the charge into the next financial crisis” and questioned the true intrinsic value...
‘Crypto will cause the next financial crisis’: Precious metals boss
Brian Quarmby
Expert Take
Bitcoin was designed as a deflationary system, one that could help it reach ever-increasing values.
Forecasting Bitcoin price using quantitative models, Part 1
Ruggero Bertelli
Peter Schiff calls his son “brainwashed” for his 100% Bitcoin portfolio.
Peter Schiff’s son moves 100% of his portfolio into Bitcoin
Helen Partz
The 2021 crypto bull market has notched another record, continuing a streak of unprecedented performance.
Total crypto market cap hits new all-time high of $1.13 trillion
Marie Huillet
Market Update
While Bitcoin trades sideways, the price of silver rushed to a 7-year high and XRP surprised new investors with a sharp 50% sell-off.
Bitcoin price is sideways, silver hits a 7-year high and XRP’s rally pops
Jordan Finneseth

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