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What is a smart contract? Essentially, a smart contract is a decentralized method of confirmation or agreement. Parties can create a smart contract on a blockchain that requires a certain number of digital signatures before an action is carried out or funds are paid, thus removing third-party involvement. Entities can set up smart contracts to fit specific parameters and requirements. Nick Szabo is the father of smart contracts, originating the concept in the 1990s. 

When it comes to a smart contract, Ethereum is often one of the main blockchains mentioned. Smart contract examples and use cases range from monetary transactions to supply chains, voting and much more. Different smart contract programming languages can apply, depending on the use case at hand.

Hedera said the March 9 smart contract exploit has not impacted the network or its consensus layer.
Hedera confirms exploit on mainnet led to theft of service tokens
Brayden Lindrea
The Web3 capital ecosystem has its own version of accelerator programs in crypto launchpads. But are these beneficial models?
How are crypto launchpads revolutionizing the DeFi industry?
Arunkumar Krishnakumar
DeFi is still in its infancy, yet companies are competing to offer the most convenient and high revenue-generator tools. The latest developments in the space ar...
Forget time-consuming DeFi practices — Simple solutions for auto-farming
Leila Saphari
In depth
Developers face tradeoffs between making bridges upgradeable to fix bugs versus making them decentralized.
Uniswap DAO debate shows devs still struggle to secure cross-chain bridges
Tom Blackstone
According to the Department of Justice, Forsage employed smart contracts that were coded in ways consistent with a Ponzi scheme.
Forsage founders indicted over $340M DeFi ‘Ponzi scheme’
Luke Huigsloot
How to crypto
Cardano NFTs are unique digital assets on the Cardano blockchain that can be created using smart contracts and traded on NFT marketplaces.
How to create NFTs on the Cardano blockchain
Emi Lacapra
The former hedge fund manager says that top-tier NFTs essentially serve as status symbols and should see significant upside during crypto boom cycles.
NFTs will act as high-end property during boom cycles: Real Vision CEO
Brian Quarmby
Altcoin Watch
Social media metrics show strong retail investor sentiment behind the ongoing CFX price rally.
China’s only public blockchain, Conflux, sees CFX price skyrocket 1,300% in 2023
Yashu Gola

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