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South Korea is an important segment of the cryptocurrency market, with a lot of cryptocurrency investments, technological developments and large cryptocurrency exchanges established in the country. South Koreans are famous for have a high percentage of cryptocurrency enthusiasts within the population, but the South Korean government is not so keen on cryptocurrencies. The latest South Korea cryptocurrency news concerns a police investigation into Upbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange that had a massive effect on markets on the 11th of May. South Korean cryptocurrency regulations are pretty tough. ICOs are banned and local cryptocurrency exchanges are being shut down or else have found themselves under increased supervision. The South Korean government is concerned about money laundering, tax evasion and excessive speculations. It is a prospective that foresees the continued actions of lawmakers to push forward with new restrictions.

South Korea’s KB Kookmin Bank applies to trademark KBDAC (KB Digital Asset Custody) in over twenty crypto-related business areas.
South Korea's Largest Bank Launch a Crypto Custodial Service
Jack Martin
The alleged ringleader of a notorious Telegram sex crime chat group has been paraded in public in Korea after millions demanded he be named and shamed.
Alleged Telegram Sex Crime Ringleader Paraded in Public in Korea
Ting Peng
Two Korean ministries will establish a funding program to strengthen Blockchain’s ecosystem across the country.
South Korean Government to Grant $3.2 Million to Blockchain Companies
Felipe Erazo
Check the bad crypto news of the past week.
BTC Plunge, YouTube Ban & Other Challenges: Bad Crypto News of the Week
Joel Comm
Two Chinese nationals acting for North Korean used ‘peel chains’ and doctored KYC photos to help launder more than $100 million in stolen cryptocurrency.
Revealed: How North Korea Laundered $100 Million of Stolen Crypto
Samuel Haig
Top Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has solicited blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis to monitor for suspicious transactions on its platform.
Bithumb Partners With Chainalysis Amid Tightening Korean Regulations
Samuel Haig
South Korea’s national legislature has passed a law to introduce a permitting system for cryptocurrency exchanges based on real-name confirmed bank accounts.
South Korea Passes Law to Introduce Permit System for Crypto Exchanges
David Lee
13,000 South Korean ATMs will soon facilitate fiat withdrawal and international remittance services using Litecoin.
13,000 ATMs in South Korea to Support Litecoin Withdrawal and Remittances
Samuel Haig

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