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Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a European country on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe and the second largest in the European Union. Spain’s economy is highly developed and benefits from such fields as renewable energy, technology and IT, manufacturing, textiles, tourism agriculture and many others. Spain has no regulations toward Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions in Spain are considered to fall under the rules of bartering under the Civil Code. Such laws consider Bitcoin to be digital good or a thing. Bitcoin-accepting businesses are required to make an account statement with a value-added tax in euros. Spain’s financial supervisors were the second to confiscate Bitcoins while investigating frauds performed with Bitcoin in 2013. Spain is working on implementing blockchain into the infrastructure of its cities and in other fields.
The Spanish tax office is warning tens of thousands of crypto traders to honor their tax obligations.
Spanish Tax Watchdog Puts 66,000 Crypto Traders on Notice
Felipe Erazo
An evolving list of finance policies and practices suspended due to Coronavirus and their meaning for cryptocurrencies.
Canceled by Corona: A Developing List of Finance Practices Halted due to Pandemic
Kollen Post
Spain’s National Securities Market Commission has halted short selling in an effort to protect local stocks from the recession caused by the coronavirus epidemi...
Spanish Securities Watchdog Halts Short Selling Amid Coronavirus Caused Recession
Ana Alexandre
Spanish fintech CEO says blockchain will surely help the environmental initiatives across the globe.
Finboot's CEO: Blockchain Adoption Will Improve Industrial Processes
Felipe Erazo
In implementing new Anti-Money Laundering policies, many countries automatically treat crypto transactions as high-risk.
Presumed Guilty: Financial Watchdogs See Crypto as Illicit by Default
Kirill Bryanov
Soccer giant FC Barcelona partners with Chiliz blockchain outfit, creating Ethereum-based BAR fan tokens.
FC Barcelona Dives Into Crypto, Partnering With Chiliz to Create Token
Benjamin Pirus
Catalonia has emerged as one of the regions most interested in adopting blockchain in its administration. Cointelegraph speaks to the man behind the push, Danie...
Interview With Daniel Marco on the State of Blockchain in Catalonia
Alex Cohen
CaixaBank adds to its service catalog, becoming one of Europe’s first bank to give customers access to blockchain technology.
Major Spanish Bank Latest to Bring Blockchain Into European Finance
Rachel Wolfson

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