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Stock, or a capital stock, is the number of all shares issued by a corporation. Cryptocurrency startups and innovative blockchain technology projects are becoming more and more popular among potential investors, as they are very prospective from both the technical and financial sides. Currently, a lot of Bitcoin-related companies offer stocks in order to raise money for future development. Besides cryptocurrency stocks, some companies from various fields active in blockchain technology implementation divide their capital into shares in order to have the possibility of gaining more money. For these investments, there are many websites with blockchain technology stock lists for future investors or there are also blockchain penny stocks for small companies that offer relatively low prices for shares.

Markets News
Federal Reserve policy should mean markets see a long-awaited comedown of up to one-fifth, says Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone.
Bitcoin will emerge stronger after stocks dip ‘10%–20%’ — Bloomberg analyst
William Suberg
As crypto trading cools down, the ability to trade stock on FTX.US might be only months away, according to a tweet from the exchange’s president. Bitstamp USA h...
Robinhood hits new low as FTX.US and Bitstamp USA move into stocks
Keira Wright
The United States Consumer Price Index data shows that inflation hit 7% in December 2021, climbing 0.5% month over month. The price of Bitcoin reached nearly $4...
Bitcoin shoots to $44,000 as US inflation hits 7% in December
Joseph Hall
Crypto assets are no longer on the fringe of the financial system, which raises financial stability concerns, a new IMF research argues.
IMF: Bitcoin matured to ‘an integral part of digital asset revolution’
Erhan Kahraman
Market Analysis
The warning appears against the Fed’s intention to tighten its asset-purchasing program rapidly, followed by three rate hikes in 2022.
Bitcoin crash ahead? Expert warns higher inflation could whip BTC price to $30K
Yashu Gola
Bitcoin will be likely gaining “upper hand” versus stocks this year, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone.
Bitcoin and Ether heading $100K and $5K in 2022: Bloomberg Intelligence
Helen Partz
GameStop has reportedly hired 20 members for its new NFT division and is close to securing partnerships with two crypto firms for NFT game development.
GameStop shares jump 26% in after-hours trade after NFT division unveiled
Brian Quarmby
Markets News
Bids for the blockchain company's shares rose after announcing first-ever Bitcoin dividends on Nasdaq.
BTCS stock jumps 44% after announcing first-ever dividend payable in Bitcoin
Yashu Gola

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