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Stock, or a capital stock, is the number of all shares issued by a corporation. Cryptocurrency startups and innovative blockchain technology projects are becoming more and more popular among potential investors, as they are very prospective from both the technical and financial sides. Currently, a lot of Bitcoin-related companies offer stocks in order to raise money for future development. Besides cryptocurrency stocks, some companies from various fields active in blockchain technology implementation divide their capital into shares in order to have the possibility of gaining more money. For these investments, there are many websites with blockchain technology stock lists for future investors or there are also blockchain penny stocks for small companies that offer relatively low prices for shares.

Market Analysis
Multiple indicators of economic health all point to a severe recession hitting the United States and the global economies soon. What could this mean for crypto ...
What will happen to Bitcoin and Ethereum if traditional markets break?
Marcel Pechman
Markets News
A time tunnel to November 2020 opens on BTC price action as the U.S. dollar lays waste to currencies and equities alike.
‘The bond market bubble has burst’ — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Crypto prices keep crashing, and it seems like there’s no bottom in sight. Here are three reasons why cryptocurrency prices keep falling.
Why is the crypto market down today?
Markets News
Legacy investors often say BTC, ETH and altcoin volatility is too high to warrant a sound investment, but many major corporations have seen even larger drawdown...
Bitcoin’s 60% year-to-date correction looks bad, but many stocks have dropped by even more
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
In addition to a 0.75% basis point hike, the Federal Reserve also set its 2022 target interest rate at 4.4%, leading Bitcoin analysts to forecast further downsi...
Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins hold intraday gains after Fed hikes interest rates by 0.75%
Yashu Gola
Considering investing in cryptocurrencies for the long run? Roth IRAs and other tax advantages investment vehicles are worth considering.
Roth IRAs: The ideal long-term cryptocurrency investment?
Francisco Rodrigues
Market Analysis
A classic bearish reversal pattern suggests pain ahead for the ETH/BTC pair despite Ethereum's milestone Merge event.
The floppening? Ethereum price weakens post-Merge, risking 55% drop against Bitcoin
Yashu Gola
Market Update
The aftermath of the Ethereum Merge gives no respite to crypto bulls, who face continued market pressure as stocks also trend down.
Bitcoin price threatens $19.6K as Ray Dalio predicts 30% stocks crash
William Suberg

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