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Stock, or a capital stock, is the number of all shares issued by a corporation. Cryptocurrency startups and innovative blockchain technology projects are becoming more and more popular among potential investors, as they are very prospective from both the technical and financial sides. Currently, a lot of Bitcoin-related companies offer stocks in order to raise money for future development. Besides cryptocurrency stocks, some companies from various fields active in blockchain technology implementation divide their capital into shares in order to have the possibility of gaining more money. For these investments, there are many websites with blockchain technology stock lists for future investors or there are also blockchain penny stocks for small companies that offer relatively low prices for shares.

Markets News
Huge tech stock losses, mostly occurring after the Wall Street close, fail to show up in Bitcoin price weakness.
Bitcoin weak hands ‘mostly gone’ as BTC ignores Amazon, Meta stock dip
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Ether has entered a bearish range that preceded a 35% price crash in the April–May 2022 session.
Ethereum is ahead of Bitcoin this rally — But ETH price still risks 20% crash against BTC
Yashu Gola
After Elon Musk signaled his intention to continue the deal to buy the social media platform earlier in October, reports are emerging that the acquisition is al...
Friday after-work drinks with Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk — Who’s in?
Jesse Coghlan
Bitcoin’s growing correlations with gold, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indicate that investors see BTC as a “relative safe haven,” BofA strategists wrote.
Gold vs BTC correlation signals Bitcoin becoming safe haven: BofA
Helen Partz
Market Update
Volatility is closing in, but traders may have to wait until the end of the year if history is to repeat itself, one analyst warns.
Bitcoin ‘6–8 weeks’ from breakout as Hang Seng echoes Lehman Brothers dip
William Suberg
Markets News
October 2022 has yet to prove itself as analysts predict “wild” Bitcoin price volatility for November.
Least volatile ‘Uptober’ ever — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Bitcoin price has avoided a bigger plunge below $18,000 in recent months, raising expectations that a market bottom is forming.
Small Bitcoin investors stop whales from crashing BTC price below $18K
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
This crypto bear market has been long and painful, but here are a few signs that might signal when it could come to an end.
How long will the bear market last? Signs to watch for a crypto market reversal
Kyle White

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