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Swarm intelligence is a conceptual behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems that can be found in both artificial and natural circumstances. Swarm theory is widely used in the work of artificial intelligence and its products. Swarm AI is used in ant-based routing, crowd simulation and many other fields, even including art. Ethereum’s swarm is not based on the swarm intelligence concept. Swarm on Ethereum is a decentralized storage that maintains a public archive and cannot be shut down until one of the peers is online. However, the implementation of swarm in blockchain networks may become a promising event. For example, swarm intelligence has already been applied for data mining and large amounts of constantly operating parties in blockchain network that can become a great base for gathering trusted info, which may help improve the network and used in further inventions.
CoinSummits' exclusive, high profile Bitcoin event.
CoinSummit - Bitcoin into the Heart of Finance
Brian Fabian Crain
Swarm’s crowdsale stands at 31.5% of its goal of 4500 BTC raise.
Swarm Will Allow Users to Vote on Direction of its Crowdsale on Friday
Armand Tanzarian
Joel Dietz believes crypto-equity is the next step in unlocking the power of blockchain technology.
Swarm: Crowdfunding with cryptocurrency 2.0 technology
Armand Tanzarian

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