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It is hard to define cryptocurrency taxes, because there is a lot of controversy surrounding it today.  Society still has no consensus even on whether digital currencies are a property or a currency, and that triggers a huge difference in taxation procedure. The speed of exchange rate flows makes it impossible to establish a taxation time period equally suitable for everyone. Also, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies that were particularly designed to protect user’s anonymity and their protocols wouldn’t allow any government to tax it.

As cryptocurrency market is growing, and its sheer dollar value makes it more likely to catch an attention of regulators. Cryptocurrencies are also a great way of money laundering, so no government will be able to ignore the subject. Today there are a lot of news about new cryptocurrency taxes laws and it looks like there will be more over time.  

The new tool helps users access tax details aligning with their crypto activity to help report information during the upcoming tax season.
Binance Tax launched to prepare crypto users for the tax season
Savannah Fortis
Reporting cryptocurrency when filing taxes can help investors offset their losses.
Tax strategies allow crypto investors to offset losses
Rachel Wolfson
How to crypto
Crypto tax-loss harvesting is a strategy used by investors to offset capital gains in their crypto investments by selling losing positions at a loss.
What is crypto tax-loss harvesting, and how does it work?
Onkar Singh
Filing crypto taxes can be complex, especially for those exploring the decentralized finance world. Here’s what to keep in mind.
What crypto hodlers should keep in mind as tax season approaches
Francisco Rodrigues
The Agenda podcast explores the concept of financial sovereignty, Black American empowerment and the promise of Bitcoin with the revolutionary Najah Roberts.
Bitcoin advocate Najah Roberts explains why BTC is a tool for empowerment
Ray Salmond
Experts opine that the Indian government needs more data and time to decide on rigid tax policies, given it has been only ten months since the tax laws were int...
Here’s why India held on to older crypto reforms in national budget 2023
Prashant Jha
The IRS’s recommendation to check “Yes” boils down to receiving, earning, transferring or selling cryptocurrencies for any monetary benefit, including mining an...
IRS reminds taxpayers of crypto income reporting ahead of 2022 filing
Arijit Sarkar
Use Case
With the deadline for filing tax returns in the UK just one week away, this crypto tax tool simplifies the tax-filing process.
Trying to meet the UK tax deadline in January 2023? Here’s what to do
Murtuza Merchant

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