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Telegram is an instant-messaging, cloud-based service with client-side, open-source code, developed by Telegram Messenger LLP, founded by Pavel Durov. Telegram apps provide users with the ability to send messages, photos, videos, audio, stickers and files of any type and are available for most operating systems. Telegram is famous for its privacy features, such as server-client encrypted messages, optional end-to-end encryption for voice calls and end-to-end encrypted “secret” chats that delete information after some period of time. Although Telegram has received some criticism for its encryption and security model, Telegram continued to expand its user base and even launched a Telegram cryptocurrency ICO. Telegram’s privacy policies resulted in the messenger being banned in China, Iran and, in recent news, it is attempting to be blocked in Russia.

Follow up
With the final verdict on TON expected before April 30, most crypto analysts believe that the court’s decision will favor the U.S. SEC.
CFTC Joins the Telegram Vs. SEC Case, Shedding Light on Likely Verdict
Shiraz Jagati
An anonymous VC has argued that evidence brought forward by the SEC could reveal the firm’s proprietary investment and custody strategies.
Mystery VC Firm Wants Sensitive Evidence Redacted From Telegram Case
Samuel Haig
A New York judge has extended the restraining order that prohibits Telegram from distributing its Gram tokens.
Gram Token Injunction Could Go Down to the Wire
Samuel Haig
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has weighed in on the SEC vs Telegram case, but has not provided much clarity regarding Gram’s purported status as a co...
CFTC Letter Provides Little Clarity in Telegram’s Battle With SEC
Helen Partz
International Telegram Open Network contributors have submitted a brief to court that criticizes U.S. regulators’ line of attack against the project.
TON Devs Worldwide Join Forces to Intervene in SEC Case Against Telegram
Marie Huillet
It used to be the Russian government; these days, it’s the United States SEC.
A TON of Challenges: Resistance Is Nothing New to Pavel Durov
Dylan Love
Tech Analysis
TON’s programming languages for general-purpose and for writing smart contracts: Tech analysis from the inside view.
Behind the Scenes of TON: Lessons Learned on Deploying Smart Contracts, Part 2
Nick Kozlov
Follow up
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce aka CryptoMom tells Cointelegraph about her hopes for her new safe harbor proposal for cryptocurrencies in decentralized networks...
SEC Commissioner CryptoMom Explains Planned ICO Safe Harbor to Cointelegraph
Kollen Post

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