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Tether is a cryptocurrency token that claims be backed by 1 dollar for each token issued. Tether may be explained as a hybrid between a cryptocurrency and fiat money, as its “tethered” to the value of fiat currencies. Tether usually uses a USDT currency, which is supposed to be worth exactly what USD is worth at the same period of time.  

Tether can’t be an investment because the US dollar’s price is decreasing over time due to inflation, but neither it can be a speculative interest, because it most certainly would be around the same price for a long time.

Still, there are a few things about Tether that make it very suitable for crypto investors to use. Tether transactions mostly take a few minutes to complete, Tether charges no transaction fees for moving funds between Tether wallets, and it is a stable and fast resource to cash out and cash in when there is a difficult situation in the market.   

Markets News
Bitcoin’s macro bullish trend remains intact even after data show Chinese investors moved $50 billion in crypto to overseas addresses in the past 12 months.
Bitcoin Macro Trend Unaffected by Chinese Investors’ $50B Tether Exodus
Joseph Young
The East Asia crypto market has reacted fast to news of Beijing’s national digital currency and regional economic tumult.
Chainalysis Report: Tether Could Be Enabling Capital Flight From China
Marie Huillet
Data from the crypto giant suggests the most popular stablecoin holds major implications for the future of Bitcoin.
Chainalysis: New Issuance of Tether Slows Down Bitcoin Price Growth
Michael Kapilkov
Markets News
The supply of Tether has surpassed $12 billion and this will likely only make traders more bullish on the price of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.
‘How Can You Be Bearish?’ Asks Bitcoin Trader as Tether Surpasses $12B
Joseph Young
Peter Brandt didn't mince his words when describing the controversial stablecoin.
Peter Brandt’s Tether Warning Is Ominous, But Unclear
Benjamin Pirus
The new World Stablecoin Association hopes to create a united front for the sector to tackle regulatory concerns and drive collaboration.
Unite to Succeed: Swiss Stablecoin Association Hopes to Break the Ice
Gareth Jenkinson
The on-chain activity for market-leading stablecoins Tether, DAI and USDC exploded as Bitcoin breached the $11,000 plateau.
Stablecoin On-Chain Activity Explodes as Bitcoin Breaks $11K
Michael Kapilkov
Markets News
As Bitcoin price surged above $10K, USDT exchange inflows reached an 8-month high.
Tether Exchange Inflow Reached 8-Month High as Bitcoin Rallied to $11K
António Madeira

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